Vanilla Mint Body Lotion

Let’s face it. No matter what kind of woman, girly-girl or tomboy, we all want to feel pampered from time to time. And there’s nothing better than pampering yourself with a wonderful lotion you’ve made with your own two hands. You’ll love this vanilla mint body lotion, created by my two oldest granddaughters with some help from their mom!
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Slow Cooker Beef Stroganoff

I buy a chuck tender roast for this recipe and use my 48 pin meat tenderizer before cutting it into bite size pieces. My husband and I both love this version of Slow Cooker Beef Stroganoff and it makes enough for the two of us for several dinners. I just freeze the leftovers in 2 person portions and reheat it when I’m short on time or just too sore to fuss over dinner. I simply make fewer noodles the first night and cook fresh noodles for leftover dinners.  
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Cleaning Series Part 3 – Cleaning Experiments

In the last few weeks I’ve been reading a lot of articles on ways to clean. Some of the methods and materials are things I use and some of them are definitely not. Some materials and methods are touted as being the most economical, easiest, most plant-friendly things you can use to achieve housekeeping nirvana. Honestly, I have my doubts about a number of them. As I’m working on the cleaning series I’ve decided I’m going to try some of these cleaning experiments. These are the things I’ve tried so far.

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Edible Landscaping

When we still owned our farm we not only had an amazing garden and livestock but an abundance of wild edible plants growing on the land. Since my spinal cord injury the idea of wrestling a 130 lb. lamb makes me cringe but I still want to use the land we have to expand the sources of food I grow. And edible landscaping can be very attractive. While the chickens and rabbits are great for eggs and food and my garden provides so many vegetables I want to turn the rest of the property into productive space. So I’m working on creating edible landscaping everywhere I can.
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Traditional Shepherd’s Pie

I’m Irish with a little Greek thrown in. Mama was Irish all the way back and Daddy was Greek and Irish. So St. Patrick’s Day is important to me so I don’t want to make the American traditional St. Paddy’s dinner of corned beef and cabbage. You won’t find that on a St. Patrick’s Day table in Ireland. Instead, I’m going to make Shepherd’s Pie which I hope you’ll make part of your holiday tradition.
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Using Essential Oils as Insect Repellents

The last few days here have been unseasonably warm. I’ve seen bugs flying and crawling around that we usually wouldn’t see for at least another month. I don’t want to be bugged by bugs but harsh chemicals aren’t my first choice for battling them. If you don’t like using chemical weaponry try using essential oils as insect repellents instead.

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Saving Money Series — Save MORE Money on Cleaning Supplies

I’ve given some tips on how to save money on cleaning supplies.  Here are some other ways to save more money on cleaning products.

save more on cleaning supplies-01
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Cleaning Part 2- Habits That Help The House Stay Cleaner

I love having a clean house and, over the years I’ve learned some habits that help the house stay cleaner. These simple habits also help when it comes to more serious cleaning chores.
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