Bam’s Bitta Pie

Our oldest grandson started calling this Bam’s Bitta Pie when he was really young because when he asked what went into the pie I told him “A bit of this and a bit of that.” This recipe is one I use when I really want a baked dessert but can’t handle a lot of time on my feet to bake or when I get a call that guests are coming and I don’t have time to do some really fancy baked item. I serve this with vanilla ice cream and a little chocolate syrup drizzled over all.
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Edible Flowers

You may be surprised to know that many flowers that you’ve seen or grown yourself are edible. Perhaps you’ve seen cooking shows in which squash blossoms are stuffed and fried. But Italians aren’t the only people who have used flowers in their dishes. Greeks, Romans, Chinese, and Indian cuisine all feature flowers in their traditional foods. Flowers have been used in cooking for thousands of years.  Flowers not only add color to your cooking but flavor as well.
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Slow Cooker Swiss Steak

Slow cookers are wonderful! If I know my day will be busy and I’ll be too tired to spend a lot of time cooking at the end of the day, I pull out the slow cooker. Although this recipe requires a bit of prep it’s so worth it when dinner time arrives! I serve it with mashed potatoes or rice.

5 Swiss-Steak-plated
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How to Deal With Unexpected Guests

When I was young, oh those many…many…many years ago I loved the idea of people just dropping by for an evening or a weekend. It was so exciting! My house was always clean and I always had baked goods to offer them.
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Ham with Creamy Fettuccine

There was a lot of ham leftover from Easter so this week we had some of my favorite ham dishes. I made the home version of Big Boy Slim Jims with my homemade tartar sauce and tonight it’s Ham with Creamy Fettuccine. I add peas and diced carrots to sneak in extra vegetables.

5 Ham-with-creamy-fettuccine-
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Simple Steps to Saving Money Series Part 6 – Save Money on Groceries by Freezing

How many times have you bought something, used a little, and had the rest go bad in the refrigerator? It’s not only frustrating to realize you’ve had to throw away ingredients you need for a recipe but it’s a waste of your hard-earned money. There are a surprising number of foods that you may not realize can be frozen. This list will help you save money on groceries by freezing things you didn’t know you could.

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On Losing A Four-Legged Family Member

People who don’t have pets often say, “It was just a dog.” Nothing could be less accurate. Our pets are not “just a” dog or a cat or even a goldfish. We love them like family because they are family. They are our fur kids. They’re our brothers and sisters. They’re our kids.

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Creating A High Yield Garden

The cost of groceries has been skyrocketing lately. It seems that every week prices have gone up considerably while income stays the same for most of us. Growing your own food, as much as possible, is an alternative to buying expensive produce. And if you’re growing your own produce you can control what you’re eating. By using heirloom seeds you can avoid GMO produce; this is the stuff known as “Frankenfood.” You can also avoid the use of pesticides that kill honey bees and other beneficial insects and use natural fertilizers. These tips can help you in creating a high yield garden that will help you save money and feed your family better food.

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Bam’s Tuesday Casserole

This is an inexpensive and easy to make casserole perfect for weeknights. I called it Bam’s Tuesday Casserole because that’s the night of the week, when the kids were still at home, I always seemed to have the least time for cooking. I usually serve it over soft biscuits or dinner rolls with a salad but while my husband is recovering from cancer I make mashed potato bowls. They’re easier for him to swallow.

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Bam’s Three Cheese Potatoes Au Gratin

If there’s something I know my family will always eat it’s cheese. When I used to make Au Gratin potatoes I used only cheddar but I learned they like it better if there’s a blend of cheeses. I usually keep a couple of blocks of hard cheese in the freezer but I’m using finely shredded cheese for this recipe.

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