Taking Care of Yourself (When You Have Kids to Take Care of)

Being a mommy can feel like it’s the only thing in your life. Even if you work outside the home you’re the person primarily responsible for the care of your children. Fathers often say things like, “I’ll babysit” as if the kids aren’t his and he’s just helping you out. After a while moms can suffer total burnout. But taking care of yourself when you have kids to take care of is important! Without you the household would pretty much fall apart.

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Common Health Problems for Older People

None of us love to admit that we’re getting older. Our youth obsessed society seems to want to shove seniors out on an ice floe never to be seen again. But there are amazing benefits to getting older.

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Don’t Get Rid of These Garden Bugs!

When I was younger bugs freaked me out. As I got older I’ve found I can handle things like ladybugs and fireflies but most bugs still kind of give me a little chill down my spine. They’re so darned fast and they have all those legs! When I first started gardening I either ran away from or killed every bug that I saw. Now, decades later, I’ve come to appreciate some of those critters. Not all bugs are good but if you want your garden to thrive don’t get rid of these bugs!

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Reasons for Having a Vegetable Garden

Like most people who start growing their own vegetables I had a few reasons to start my garden. I wanted fresh, organic, healthy produce and I wanted to save money. When my husband got cancer it became even more important to grow my own vegetables. I don’t want to feed him any GMO vegetables!

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Creating Curb Appeal

As ashamed as I am to admit it I’ve neglected the front of my house for several years. And before my husband got cancer he helped by “weeding” the flower beds at the front of the house. I lost most of the plants I’d so lovingly chosen and also almost all the ones my sons had given me for several Mother’s Days. The hill that is beside our driveway near the road had been carefully cleared and flowers and plants had taken up residence. Now it’s overgrown again and I don’t even know if anything I planted has survived. In short, my home has absolutely no curb appeal.

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Colored Rice Art for Little Kids

When my boys were toddlers I used to love watching them create. I bought gallons of non-toxic paints, truckloads of paper of various types, and brushes of every size and description. But it was my neighbor, Nanny Jean, who taught me about colored rice art for little kids.

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Save Money on Entertainment

Summer is a great time to spend time with the family. There are so many entertainment options in the warm weather. But the cost of entertaining your brood may seem too high to really enjoy some events or places. These tips on how to save money on entertainment may help you have more fun this summer for less!

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