Grilled Pork Tenderloin

We eat a lot of chicken, mostly due to my husband’s difficulty with eating, but I like to serve other meats as well. My husband is beginning to be able to taste some things and I like to experiment with flavors to determine which things he can taste. This grilled pork tenderloin is a relatively quick meal and it’s perfect with my easy, tasty marinade for pork.

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UPDATE: Little Lost Anna

It hasn’t been a week since we discovered the little dog I’d seen was actually lost but a lot has happened in that time. First, I found that her owners aren’t terribly interested in her. In the time since I first contacted them to say Anna was here they haven’t called a single time to find out if she was still around.

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Free Strawberry Plants

June around here means strawberries. There are u-pick farms everywhere but I have my own strawberry plant in the garden. Since strawberry plants become less productive over time I’m going to propagate new plants so I’ll go on having thriving plants and fresh strawberries. By doing this I’ll get lots of free strawberry plants.

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5 Vegetables to Grow for a Quick Late Summer Harvest

Winter is definitely not my favorite time of year. Not only is the cold weather hard on my physically but the lack of sunlight and outdoor time has me counting the days until spring each year. One way I combat winter is by planting these 5 vegetables to grow for a quick later summer harvest. Some are so cold hardy I can also plant them very early in the spring to get a jump start on summer.

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Pacifier Wars

When my oldest son was a baby he used a pacifier which we called his “tetcha.”  As a newborn it was just a tool for helping him sleep. But, before long we discovered he had a kidney problem and the round of doctors and hospitals began. Soon the tetcha wasn’t just a thing that he used for sucking. It became his lifeboat in a world filled with strange places, people and needles.

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Little Lost Anna

Over a week ago I saw a little dog at the edge of the garden near the field. She was so cute and so tiny (compared to the boys) that I was instantly smitten. The instant I opened the door to call her, however, she fled. I thought she must belong to someone who lived nearby and forgot about it.

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Caring for Your Wooden Kitchen Utensils

Most of us use wooden kitchen utensils like spoons and spatulas quite often. It’s a rare day that I don’t use at least one of these handy tools. But, like everything else in the kitchen our wooden utensils need care. Here are some helpful tips on caring for your wooden kitchen utensils.

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