Health Series 1 – The Do’s and Don’ts of Arthritis


Arthritis is a leading cause of disability worldwide. The pain of arthritis can be excruciating. Everyone with arthritis has heard a lot of advice on easing the pain with exercise, medication, and by reducing stress. But how do you know which will work best for you? The Mayo Clinic offers these do’s and don’ts of arthritis.

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Orange Creamcicle Bars

When I was a kid the ice cream truck, carefully timed to arrive after dinner every summer evening announced itself with the loud playing of a bouncy tune I believe, about chickens. My favorite treat was the orange pushup; a soft ice cream in a cardboard tube that had a plastic disc in the bottom and a stick protruding from the end. You used the stick to push up the disc which raised the ice cream to a lickable level.

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Gardens have Circadian Rhythms, Too!

Our bodies are controlled by circadian rhythms that tell us when we should be sleeping and when we should be awake. The same is true of every animal. Diurnal creatures are awake during the day and nocturnal animals wake for the night. Sure, we can get out of sync but our natural rhythms dictate when we should be active and when we should be resting. And it’s not just animals that follow this natural cycle. Gardens have circadian rhythms too!

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