Mulberry Fruit Leather


Now that it’s in full fruit I play whack-a-mole with the mulberry tree almost daily. I love having mulberry jam in the pantry and making mulberry buckles and cobblers. But this year I decided to try something different. I made mulberry fruit leather (just like the fruit roll up treats you probably ate as a kid) for my grandchildren.

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Make Your Own – Convenience Foods



I admit I actually like the taste of many convenience foods and there are days it’s just so much easier to grab a box than make something from scratch. But I still prefer homemade to store bought so I thought it would be great to have the best of both worlds. Why not give it a whirl and make your own convenience foods?

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Chronic Pain – Strategies for Dealing with Flares



Since June of 2000 I’ve been, as I say, a professional cripple. So chronic pain is something I’ve become really well acquainted with. There are things I should know not to do but I do them anyway. A perfect example is this weekend. I was having a really bad flare up of pain but decided I needed to go blueberry picking with friends. Then I came home and harvested things in the garden. I should have been taking it easy but sometimes I just push myself too much.

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Please Stand By


I pride myself on writing a post every day. But, as I’ve mentioned, I suffered a spinal cord injury 16 years ago and, since then other, non-related conditions have been diagnosed. Sometimes the pain from these diseases simply become to much and I have to take a break from everything.

Today is one of those days. I apologize and promise to resumes my posts as soon as possible.


Facts About Food You May Not Know


Everyone needs to eat. Food is not an option if you want to survive. But food is so much more than nourishment for our bodies. It provides comfort and stirs memories. For many of us the kitchen is the heart of our homes. We lovingly prepare food for our family and friends but there are facts about food you may not know. And you may not want to know.

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20 Cool & Effective Kitchen Hacks


Anything that makes life easier and/or saves money is good, right? I scour the internet looking for ways to do both. Some I’ve tried and some I haven’t. I don’t own a waffle iron so I couldn’t try out the hacks using one but these all seem to fit the bill for cool & effective kitchen hacks!

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Cruelty and Social Media


A Facebook acquaintance I’ll call Joe posted a video a couple of days ago of an extremely obese woman on an electric scooter trying to get through a sliding door at some retail outlet. She had difficulty because her body was wider than the opening. Joe and his friends thought it was not only acceptable but very amusing to say vile things about the woman, calling her, among other things, a whale.
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Saving Money on Produce



Although I have a vegetable garden it’s not really large enough to supply all the vegetables my family uses through the year. I’d love to double the size of my garden but I’m still married and want to stay that way. He says it would take up “all” the dogs’ running space. He’s wrong but, being a diplomatic type, I almost never tell him. Meanwhile, I’ve found some ways for saving money on produce so I’m able to can, dehydrate, and freeze what I can’t grow.

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Make Your Own – Dairy Ingredients


My husband has been known to drive 17 miles to the village (one way) to get something I want. But even though he’ll make the trip to town whenever I ask it’s great for me to know I can make my own ingredients if need be. Here are some recipes so you can make your own dairy ingredients.

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What to do for Migraine Headaches


A migraine headache is the reason today’s post, unlike my usual posts, is appearing so late in the day.

Migraine headaches are the worst headaches you can experience. I had my first when I was pregnant with my oldest son. I had no idea what it was; I thought I might be a really fast growing brain tumor. Hey, I was young. I spent that day lying on a recliner with all the shades drawn and running frequently to the bathroom to vomit. It was a nightmare.

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