Swedish Meatballs

When you want comfort food you can’t beat Swedish meatballs. Mama made this dish but not nearly enough as far as I was concerned. Swedish meatballs are something I could eat any time of the year. And even though the temperatures outside are soaring, this meal doesn’t require turning on your oven.

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The Sweetest Fruit

My husband and I disagree slightly on how much room I need for my garden. I’d like to expand it to nearly double the size it is now and he thinks it will “take up all the dogs’ running room.” He’s wrong, of course, but I’ve found a way around some of his objections. I’ve decided that I’m getting rid of some (most) of the trees in our little grove so I can plant certain crops where junk trees now grow.

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Photography and the Art-disabled

My sister mentioned a while back that my photographs were less than stellar. I really wanted to get great pictures of the food I made and of the garden. Unfortunately, I have absolutely no “eye.” She sent me links to tips of food photography and I read them so I, too, could take stunning photographs of everything I post. Sadly, photography and the art-disabled don’t seem to go together.

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When It’s Too Hot to Do Anything, Do These Things

Remember that Twilight Zone episode where the earth was supposed to have moved too close to the sun and everything and everyone was going to burn up? Yeah. That’s this summer. Where I live in Michigan we’re on track to beat the record for number of days over 90° by the end of the week. And, since humidity is always a huge factor here, it’s been difficult to do outdoor things. Other parts of the country have had it much worse!  So what can you do when it’s too hot to do anything? Do these things!

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What You Can Do for Back Pain

My husband injured his back earlier this week. He said he turned slightly, twisting at his waist and he felt something “pop.” I hate seeing him in pain and it has caused more work for me and guilt for him. This is a very common occurrence for people all over the world and can cause a great deal of pain as well as other problems. The pain, medical costs, loss of work, and loss of recreation can seriously impact both the sufferer and the families of those who have back pain. So what can you do for back pain?

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Surprising Uses for Toothpaste

I love finding ways to use everyday items in new and different ways. The internet is a great source for learning alternate uses but some of these are uses I’ve picked up from some of the great older ladies in my life. There are quite a few surprising uses for toothpaste that I’ve tried over the years. You may want to give them a try as well.

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Feeding a Cancer Patient

This post is aimed at a very specific audience and, frankly, I hope you never become part of that group. It you do, I pray this post may help you in a very difficult time. Of course each person undergoing treatment will experience different issues and varied severity of the issues. I will be happy to research anything that may help you and your loved one during this most difficult time. Please feel free to ask!

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You May Be Risking Your Dog’s Life

We’ve had the same vet for more than 25 years and she’s become a member of our family. As such, she has no problem yelling at me when she thinks I’m doing something wrong with our dogs. I remember when she discovered I made a plate for each of our dogs at Thanksgiving and Christmas. At the time we had five dogs and she told me we’d have five very sick/dead dogs if I kept doing it. Ouch. There are many foods we, as people, can eat that are very unsafe for our dogs. Without knowing it, you may be risking your dog’s life!

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Waiting for Vegetables

I’ve mentioned I am not a patient person. I’d like everything to happen right now. It’s no different with my garden. I plant seeds and want them to instantly pop up their little green heads. Then, after I’ve waited and waited for them to grow, I want them to produce vegetables at the speed of light. This waiting thing is driving me crazy.

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