Butchering a Duck

This post contains some graphic pictures. If you are squeamish or there are kids you’d prefer not viewing them please check out a different post.

After three days of Stu beating up on the other two ducks I decided today was the day he had to be butchered. He was definitely big enough and Penguin and Spot had signed a petition to get Stu out of the tub. Stu bullied them and wouldn’t even let them get their share of the food. It was time to get started on butchering a duck!

This duck will be butchered for stew

Butchering a duck




Save Money on Cleaning Supplies

I posted this very early on in The Comfortable Coop’s life but with the holidays coming up I thought it was a good time to re-post it. We all want our homes clean for Christmas but we have better things to spend our money on than detergents and equipment. These ways to save on cleaning supplies may really help!

Save Money on Cleaning Supplies with this list!

Get the tips here!

Ducks in the Tub

Mr. Comfortable went to our oldest son’s house for Thanksgiving and on Saturday, before we headed back home, I went with my son, Paul, to pick up a couple of ducks. His friends got an unexpected brood from an unexpected dalliance between one of their Pekin ducks and one of the Black Swedish ducks. And it was the mallard that sat on the nest! Because we got home late Saturday and I was tired and more than a bit sore I didn’t want to do much. So the ducks (three instead of two) got rinsed off instead of bathed and now I have ducks in the tub!

Ducks are delicious but right now they're in my tub!

Meet the ducks here!



In an Irish Family – Mama & the Burglar

I’ve written about my family and their Irish tempers but I haven’t mentioned their courage. My family, and I believe most Irish families, are really brave! And Mama was shockingly brave considering she was a tiny woman. She is a testament to the courage of Irish women everywhere and I’m terribly proud of her! Mama is pictured below with her mother (Nana) and her sister, Mary.

The toughest Irish ladies I ever knew!

Read the surprising story here!


Chicken Cordon Bleu with Parmesan Dijon Cream Sauce

I love making things that taste fancy but don’t require a lot of expensive ingredients. Chicken Cordon Bleu is one of those dinners. The result is a dinner that looks like a million dollars but doesn’t cost much to make!

Chicken Cordon Bleu with Parmesan Dijon Cream Sauce is elegant and inexpensive
Recipe here



Bam’s Ham & Egg Breakfast Bakes

We love breakfast bakes because they’re easy to make and there are so many ways to create a delicious breakfast. I like to use ingredients I have on hand. This week I made a ham so I had plenty of leftovers to make Bam’s Ham Breakfast Bakes. I called this Breakfast Bakes because I made two versions so we each got our favorite!

Bam's Ham & Egg Breakfast Bakes in two varieties!
Get both recipes here!


Giving Thanks

Psalm 118:24 states, “This is the day which the LORD has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it.” And on this Thanksgiving Day I have so much about which I can rejoice. In fact, I have reason to rejoice every day of my life.

Giving thanks every day

Find the full post here

10 Great Gifts for the Guy in Your Life

Guys can be tough to shop for but this list of 10 Great Gifts for Your Guy should help. From cozy comfort to high tech toys you’re sure to get some ideas for the men in your life!

10 Great Gifts for the Guy in Your Life

Get the list here!

The Most Wanted Toys for Christmas

Finding the right toy for Christmas can be a real challenge! Sure, kids write to Santa but there are always the surprise toys Santa shows up with that light up your child’s face. This short guide to some of the most wanted toys for Christmas may help you find just the right presents to put under the tree. And just in time for those sales!

The Most Wanted Toys for Christmas are here!

Find the toys here!

10 Cute & Easy Thanksgiving Treats

We’re going to take a trip this Thanksgiving and spend the holiday with our older son and his family. He’s got four kids so Thanksgiving treats are high on my list of things to make. These 10 Cute & Easy Thanksgiving Treats are sure to please the kids at your Thanksgiving table, too!

10 Cute & Easy Thanksgiving treats to make this holiday!

This way to adorable treats!



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