Email to HuffPost on behalf of pain patients

As I sit here, in terrible pain, I can’t help but wonder why nothing is done to help pain patients. This is a wonderful letter but, unfortunately, I’m sure Huffpo ignored it.

All Things Chronic

Fri, Apr 24, 2015 12:06 am


Re:  The DEA’s war against those who suffer from chronic pain

Dear Huffington Post reporters:

I really appreciate your coverage of drug abuse and addiction, which has spurred at least one state to reverse course and provide some support for those who suffer from these illnesses.

But I don’t understand why the Huffington Post is not covering the war against pain patients and their doctors by the DEA, State Medical Boards, pharmacies, insurance companies, and anti-drug advocacy groups. Like the stories of pain patients unable to find a doctor to treat them, as well as prescribe any drugs to help relieve their suffering (except antidepressants, of course). Like stories of signs in doctor’s offices that say, “We don’t treat chronic pain patients.” Like the stories of pain patients being abandoned by their doctors and forced into the underground drug market to…

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