Prince Igor Says,”Not for Any Kovrizhki!”

I love Dolly at koolkosherkitchen. You not only get amazing recipes but there’s always a wonderful history lesson with each one!


You are a prince. Not just any old prince among a bunch of other princes, but The Grand Prince of Kiev Rus, the very first one holding this title. Don’t worry, ladies, there is a princess in this story, too, Princess Olga, a formidable ruler and warrior in her own right. But let’s return to the beginning – the beginning of tenth century, when Rus is terrorized by the nomad raids. Prince Igor, like every self-respecting prince, mounts a campaign to protect his lands and his subjects from the savage Polovtsians, the khans.


Igor “tensed his mind with battle-strength, quickened his heart
        with valor, and, swollen with the spirit of war,
Led out his brave troops
        into the Polovtsian steppe for the land of Rus.

Both Igor’s brother and his son and heir Vladimir went with him. Princess Olga was left in charge, to rule in his…

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