If You Love Dogs

Many of you know we have two dogs. Remy (who may someday be my new Service Dog) and Henry, our spare dog. Although Remy only occasionally helps me out and thinks his most important task is getting his bag of treats each evening and although Henry thinks his job is to sneak on the bed at night (with the help of his accomplice, Mr. C) I love them both like crazy. So anything about dogs catches my attention. If you love dogs as much as I do you’ll get a kick out of these!

If you love dogs you'll love these!

This way to really funny dogs!


Pasta is one of those comfort foods that I like to serve at least a couple of times a month. The beauty of pasta is that there are so many types and so many ways to serve it. Whether it’s a simple olive oil and basil treatment or a full on, takes several hours sauce, pasta is always a favorite. One pasta meal we really enjoy is tagliatelle with Bolognese!

Bolognese is a truly versatile sauce

This way to Bolognese

Blogs You Should Check Out

Naturally I love the blogs I follow. If I didn’t I wouldn’t follow them. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with them all but I make it a point to check in as often as possible. I hate missing posts because these are all wonderful blogs. I thought I would share my (starting) list of blogs you should check out.


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I Married a City Boy

When the police ask, and they will, just say I was with you all day. It’s not that I’d mind prison. They have cable TV and someone else does the cooking. But I don’t think they’d let me bring the dogs and my grand kids (probably) wouldn’t want to visit for a week each summer if I lived in Cell Block C. Oh. The reason I could end up in prison without you giving me an alibi is that I married a city boy.

I married a city boy

I Married a City Boy

Keep Rice from Getting Sticky

There are certain recipes that you may want sticky rice. Asian fare usually demands it. If you’re eating with chopsticks (or should be) you need to have nice, sticky rice. But there are times that having rice turn out sticky is the last thing you want! I’ve struggled with ending up with sticky, clumped up rice all my adult life. Yeah, it’s not the biggest problem in the world but it can be really frustrating! But happy days are here! I’ve learned the trick to keep rice from getting sticky!

Keep rice from getting sticky

Keep Rice from Getting Sticky



A Must Read Blog

This morning I was reading one of the blogs I follow and, as I usually do, I read the comments about the post. I saw a comment made by Bruce of
My Struggling Heart and I went to his blog because the name intrigued me.

Holy cow! I couldn’t stop reading!

This the usual cooking/gardening/homemaking type blog I read but I am hooked. Check out My Struggling Heart.

In an Irish Family – Games and Teasing

From what I’ve seen of all Irish families they’re very similar to mine. They have huge fights and get over them very quickly or never. They have family legends that, no matter how unlikely, are defended like a farmer’s daughter by the farmer. And Irish families all seem to put great stock in teasing, jokes, and games!


In an Irish Family – Games and Teasing

Roasted Balsamic Cranberry Chicken Thighs

Chicken thighs, oh chicken thighs! We love those juicy little thighs and I serve them frequently but, like anything you make a lot they can start to seem like the same old thing. I’m not going to stop making chicken thighs. They’re delicious and inexpensive. But I don’t have to make them in the same old ways. I saw a picture on Pinterest that intrigued me so tonight it’s Roasted Balsamic Cranberry Chicken Thighs.

Roasted Balsamic Cranberry Chicken Thighs

Roasted Balsamic Cranberry Chicken Thighs


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