Waterford Blaas

There’s something wonderful about having a dusting of flour on your shirt from baking. And baking bread in any form is particularly fulfilling. Homemade bread is the best and, at this time of year, the best of the best is Waterford Blaas!

Waterford Blaas

Waterford Blaas



Beef Stew

Our weird winter weather continued last week with temperatures above normal. Then came the power outage and by Saturday morning the lows were ridiculously low. I’d refused to come out from beneath the blankets while we had no electricity and, therefore, no heat but once the power returned I was really craving a good homemade meal. And, since it was seasonally cold (freezing) it was the perfect night for beef stew!

Beef stew is the perfect cold weather meal!

Beef Stew

Blogs You Should Check Out 6

The last several days I’ve spent sleeping. I don’t know why I can’t stay awake but I’m starting to think the doctor had a reason for wanting me to have additional blood tests done. It’s only been a month since she told me to come back in so I’m right on schedule for me. Sleeping for 18 hours a day has affected my ability to cook, bake, and write but it left me time (in between prolonged naps) to do some reading. I think you’ll enjoy the blogs I’ve listed here: Blogs You Should Check Out 6!

Blogs You Should Check Out 6

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Baby Fever Once Removed

Lately I’ve been introduced to a lot of blogs written by young mothers. It’s interesting to read about the ups and downs of being a young mom from the perspective of being a grandmother. I find myself wanting to dispense sage (in my opinion) advice or comment, “No, no, no!” But there is one topic that gets me every time and that’s baby fever. Baby fever, for those of you who don’t know, is the nearly overwhelming desire to have a baby. I have baby fever once removed.

Baby Fever Once Removed

Baby Fever Once Removed


Chicken Strombolis 2 Ways

This week for our family dinner I decided to make things a little less “formal.” By that I mean forks were optional! The grand kids are always happy with whatever I serve but this week I wanted to make it a little more fun for them by making something they could eat with their hands without getting in trouble. I thought of chicken strombolis but I couldn’t decide which one to make. So I made Chicken Strombolis 2 Ways!

Chicken Strombolis 2 Ways

Chicken Strombolis 2 Ways

Shaving Cream Painting

Shaving Cream PaintingLast summer when our out-of-state grand kids were visiting I wanted something fun to do with them that didn’t involve a lot of expense or stuffing them all in the car. I’m re-posting the craft project we did because we all had so much fun and it actually is a good “stuck in the house” art project for any time of the year. If you try this I hope you have as much fun as we did with Shaving Cream Painting!

Shaving Cream Painting & Colored Rice Art

Glamourless Grammar Galore

As a grammar Nazi (and proud of it) I had to share this post! Thank you, Quirky Girl!

comically quirky

There, they’re, their.

March 4th is National Grammar Day!

I know you’re all as excited as I am!

Just think – a  whole day dedicated to proper use of grammar!

Grammar Day was created in 2008 by Martha Brockenbrough, founder of the Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar, to promote awareness and understanding of proper grammar.

For the logophiles among us, the Global Language Monitor estimates the number of words in the English language to be approximately 1,025,109.

That’s a lot of words one could possibly mess up.

That’s right.

A lot.

Not alot.

They’re two separate words.


In honor of National Grammar Day, let’s have some fun with grammar, shall we?


(I rest my case.)


(I completely understand. I feel equally as passionate about this mix-up.)


(Hahaha! Get it? Oh, never mind…)


(I’m sorry… and you’re welcome.)


(People who use commas properly are statistically less…

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10 Freezer Meals to Make This Weekend

The last couple of weeks have been really rough on my physically. I think the weather played a large part since it was in the 60’s one day then the 30’s the next and continued to roller-coaster that way. I’ve also had a flare of the CRPS which scares the heck out of me. And the worst part was that I felt so awful I didn’t want to cook and we ate take-out twice! I finally decided I needed to restock my freezer meals and I thought I’d share what I made with 10 Freezer Meals to Make This Weekend.

10 Freezer Meals to Make This Weekend

10 Freezer Meals to Make This Weekend


Lemon Gooey Cookies

Nothing makes me feel more perky than the taste of lemons whether it’s in a savory or sweet dish. It is so refreshing! My family loves it when I make a savory lemon dish for our family dinners but I thought I’d use lemon for dessert with these wonderful Lemon Gooey Cookies.

Lemon Gooey Cookies

Lemon Gooey Cookies

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