Busy Day Lime Vinaigrette Chicken

My days weren’t busy last week. I spent the entire week in bed. Once again the doc was less right than I’d hoped with his diagnosis and I was in a lot of pain. He now believes I have a torn muscle in my abdomen and wanted me resting it completely. But after a week of not really cooking I was losing it. So I made Busy Day Lime Vinaigrette Chicken.

Busy Day Lime Vinaigrette Chicken

Busy Day Lime Vinaigrette Chicken

Author: Elizabeth

I'm a wife, mom, and grandma (known as Bam) who loves cooking, baking, gardening, and all things that go into making a cozy coop for my brood. I have a disability so you may pick up tips on how to do things when some things just don't work right!

24 thoughts on “Busy Day Lime Vinaigrette Chicken”

  1. There you are, I’ve been missing you! I was praying you were ok. Now, to the recipe, I haven’t seen this dressing yet so I’m going to be on the look out. I use dressings to cook anything I bake in the oven. Unless, of course, its’ like chicken pot pie or something. You know what I mean LOL. I do use ti to cook the chicken before it goes in the pie 🙂 My favorite is any italian (zesty, house, creamy, I’ve used them all) I even use it to fry stuff in the pan. Pretty much anything that calls for oil, like your chicken did before you put it in the oven. I will substitute any dressing that has some oil in it. This one I will use the vinaigrette to brown the chicken. Depending on what flavours the end dish will have. Sometimes it depends on what dressing I have left in the cabinet 🙂 I’ve never had it come out tasting like hubbys boots 🙂 Can’t wait to find this dressing! Thanks Elizabeth, as always great recipes. I’ll keep praying for some relief for you and Mr. C 🙂

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    1. I missed you too!! Salad dressings are great when you want big flavor without fussing over creating something. I’m also a big Italian dressing fan. This Zesty Lime Vinaigrette was a nerve-wracking choice for me. I’d never tried it and, since the food pantry gives you just so much weight for two people I was nervous about “wasting” weight. But now I’m glad I tried it. I’m thinking of doing fish tacos and cracking open the bottle of tequila one of the boys girlfriends left here years ago. Tequila lime, Baby! But I don’t want it boozy so it’ll be just a touch of the tequila. Maybe. Knowing me and alcohol I’ll probably just open the bottle in the same room and call it good. I’m trying hard to behave and not lift things, bend, or twist but it’s difficult. There’s so much to do and I’m BORED!

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      1. LOL I know what it’s like to get bored. I’ve been cleaning up a storm since I’m going to be gone for almost 2 weeks. The waiting patiently until time to leave is not a thing I am good at, so the house it reaping the benefits of it. 🙂 Fish tacos, YUM. The tequilla and lime will work nicely together, as well as in Margaritas 🙂

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      2. Wow! Two weeks? I hope wherever you’re going is fun! I’m supposed to be taking it easy but I lost it yesterday. I worked in the garden, mowed on the tractor, picked up my granddaughter after school, and made dinner. I’m not doing this “bed rest” thing very well.

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      3. HAHAHA it doesn’t sound like it. You know your limits though, and you’re smart enough to know what is enough and when to stop so you don’t pay for it later. It’s not a full 2 weeks but I’ll be driving to where hubby is, resting a day, then we’ll drive to our vacation. Repeat on the way home. It adds a few extra days 🙂

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  2. I’m sorry that you’ve had to spent a week in bed. Glad to hear from you again; are you feeling better? 🙂

    The chicken has my mouth watering. 😍 And baked potatoes (with sour cream!) and corn – two of my favorite side dishes! 🍴

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    1. The week wouldn’t bother me but I’m actually supposed to spend “as long as it takes” taking it easy. No lifting, bending, twisting….nothing that will tear the torn muscle. Ugh. I can’t live this way!!

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      1. Thank you. I’ve decided that, once again, the doc was wrong. I’ve been doing all kinds of things I shouldn’t be doing and I don’t feel worse at all!

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