A Very Busy, Happy Day

We all have days that are very busy and we all have days that are very happy. Unfortunately sometimes those days aren’t the same day. But I just had a day that was a very busy, happy day! And it made me think about what I need to do to have more days like it.

A very busy, happy day

A Very Busy, Happy Day

The Homeless on Happiness – Pt 2 – Jack

Jack is the kind of person who will overcome!

Gnarly Shanti

I feel extremely fortunate to have met Jack; one of the most open and charismatic people I have ever come across.

Jack has attempted suicide three times, at least one of which he blames on anti-depressants.

“SSRIs in particular” he says “send me from the most extreme highs to being completely and utterly suicidal”.

I asked him if he thinks anti-depressants are overprescribed these days.

“Definitely; on such a big scale. But it’s not the fault of the NHS because they’re under so much pressure. Appointment times are getting smaller, they’re facing cuts everywhere and so it’s much easier to prescribe Prozac or whatever than providing more time consuming, talking based approaches like CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy)”.

Jack’s main philosophy on happiness is that everything is a choice.

“We’re not just at the mercy of what happens to us, we cannot change the hand we’ve been dealt, but we can change how…

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Great Summer Projects for Kids

School is almost over for the year and summer vacations and activities are starting. Kids free to play and explore. But kids can get bored easily. My grand kids come for a week each summer and to make sure we have fun things to do I’ve found these great summer projects for kids!

Great Summer Projects for Kids

Great Summer Projects for Kids

Mulberry Barbecue Sauce

A few years ago I tried blueberry barbecue sauce. I’m brave that way. It was quite good. But I have a mulberry tree not blueberry bushes (yet). This morning I check my mulberry tree to see if the fruit is ripe yet. Of course it’s too early but I get excited about the crop of mulberries each summer. One of the things I use these delicious berries for is my Mulberry Barbecue Sauce.

Mulberry Barbecue Sauce

Mulberry Barbecue Sauce

The Recipe That Reads “Don’t Cook”

Feeding Mr. C good, homemade meals is something I really take pride in and try to do every night. But there are some evenings I just can’t face cooking a “real meal.” On those nights I decide that sometimes the recipe that reads “don’t cook” is just right and I pull out a box or a can.

The Recipe That Reads

The Recipe That Reads “Don’t Cook”

Slow Cooker Italian Beef Sandwiches

When I woke up I knew it was going to be a lazy day. The sun was already well up in the sky and when I looked at my clock it was nearly 8 a.m.! I decided instantly to make Slow Cooker Italian Beef Sandwiches. They’re delicious and they don’t take a lot of effort so they were perfect for a take-it-easy kind of day!

Slow Cooker Italian Beef Sandwiches

Slow Cooker Italian Beef Sandwiches

Update on my Goals and Challenges

Back in March I wrote that, instead of making New Year’s resolutions I was setting goals and challenges for myself. Things are moving slowly but I’ve been making some progress. This is the first update on my goals and challenges. And you may find some recipes or other things that you can use along the way!

Update on my Goals and Challenges

Update on my Goals and Challenges

Mexi-ranch Strombolis

I know, I know. Putting Mexican flavors in an Italian stromboli is a bit odd but Mexi-ranch Strombolis are so tasty I had to do it! Thin strips of tender beef with peppers, onions, jalapenos, and cheese bathed in my Mexi-ranch sauce just cried out to be wrapped in a golden brown crust! Give them a try and I’ll bet you think they’re terrific!

Mexi-ranch Strombolis

Mexi-ranch Strombolis

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