Work on the Duck Cabin has resumed!

It’s been a while since we’ve done any work on the duck cabin. Mr. Comfortable hasn’t been feeling all that well and, with two weddings so close together, we were busy with other things. I’m thrilled that work on the duck cabin has resumed!

Work on the Duck Cabin has resumed!

Originally published on The Comfortable Coop

Author: Elizabeth

I'm a wife, mom, and grandma (known as Bam) who loves cooking, baking, gardening, and all things that go into making a cozy coop for my brood. I have a disability so you may pick up tips on how to do things when some things just don't work right!

13 thoughts on “Work on the Duck Cabin has resumed!”

      1. I know it so well, I still suffer from the chemo and radiation. Especially my left leg with the lymph nodes removal, no circulation. On one hot day, the fluid burst through a tiny pore and kept dripping (8 years after chemo and surgery). I still have heat rash when too warm. Take care of my leg is a daily chore! I’m glad he let you help painting. He can do as much as he could but not over his body limit. When we did the house painting 3 weeks ago, one night I stretched it to finished to bedroom, I just dropped. I had to soak in bath even it was midnight. We both stretched, took us a couple weeks to recover. We still have projects, but try not to stretch it too much each day.

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      2. Those of you who have gone through chemo and radiation are my heroes! Seeing what he went through then and how it still affects him I am in awe of him and the rest of you! I told my doctor I wouldn’t go through that if I ever got cancer. I don’t think I’m that strong.

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      3. It takes one day at a time. I didn’t know what happened the next day until I got there. It wasn’t like a huge mountain laid in front of me and I could decide not to climb over. I didn’t want to leave my husband and daughter behind, so I was fighting one day at a time!

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      4. Yes, that’s the whole idea. When someone is gone, it’s the ones whom are left behind that have a hard time. If the illness stops the breath or doesn’t respond the treatment, there’s no choice. But it someone decides not to take the treatment and let it goes its own course, that’s a decision to end the life early.

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    1. I thought my son was making a joke when he sent me the video. But the Duck Cabin is going to be like the home in the video except smaller. And Freckles wants granite countertops.


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