10 Ways to Save Your Skin from Winter

As much as I hate the very idea, winter is coming. Along with all the fun things like dead car batteries, slips and fall, and (for some of us) increased pain, winter can wreak havoc with your skin. But never fear! Here are 10 Ways to save your skin from winter!

10 ways to save your skin from winter

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10 Ways to Save Your Skin from Winter

Did you know winter can do more damage to your skin than summer? The cold, dry air of winter is particularly harsh on skin. And it’s not just your face you have to protect. Check out these 10 ways to save your skin from winter for glowing skin for the holidays and beyond.

10 Ways to Save Your Skin from Winter

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10 Winter Hair Care Tips

Summertime can do a lot of damage to your hair but winter has its own hazards. Cold temperatures, static electricity and other winter conditions can damage your hair and leave it looking lifeless. But there are 10 winter hair care tips that can help you keep your hair looking shiny and beautiful even on the harshest winter days.

10 Winter Hair Care Tips to keep your hair beautiful all winter!

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Summer Hair Care

Summer can be especially hard on your hair. Chlorine, bright sunshine, and other summer “hazards” can leave you with less than gorgeous tresses. But follow some simple steps for summer hair care and you can have fabulous hair all season long!

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Beauty Tips For Women Over 50

Bette Davis once remarked, “Old age is no place for sissies.” She was so right! Getting older, especially in a youth-obsessed society like ours can be rough on women. Everyone expects women to stay young or at least look young until several days after their deaths. If they dug up a woman’s body a month after she died someone would probably make a comment about how she’d let herself go.
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Beauty Treatments You Can Make at Home

Spas can be insanely expensive but every woman wants to feel pampered from time to time. Try these beauty treatments you can make at home to make yourself look beautiful and feel fantastic!


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