Ways to Survive Being Poor

With my new found, in for a penny in for a pound attitude I’m going to share some of the things Mr. C and I have done to keep, as Mama would say, body and soul together. There are, I’m sure, as many ways to survive being poor as there are people trying to do it. These are just some of the things I’ve learned since our comfortable bank account was devoured by illness. Some of these things may not be available where you live but I think most of them are. So here are my ways to survive being poor.

Being poor is hard on body and spirit

Ways to Survive Being Poor


Being Poor

I’m absolutely terrified to post this. I’m praying that posting this won’t cause irrevocable harm to my marriage, harm my relationship with my kids, and/or lose my beloved readers but I have held this in for some time now. If I don’t get it out I’m afraid it me eat me hollow. Being poor is something I’ve tried to hide but it’s time to come out of the closet. Someone recently said something to me that really upset me. I won’t get into the exact words said but the fact that this person was so heartless and incredibly mistaken about me and my life was both depressing and infuriating. This blog has apparently led her to believe that Mr. C and I enjoy a high income lifestyle. But nothing could be further from the truth. But my dear friend (a sister by love) convinced me that sharing our story might help others. So here I go.

Being poor isn't a choice anyone makes

Being Poor

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