Weevils the Evil in Your Pantry

You decide to bake something one day and open the bag of flour and there are little brown things moving around in the flour. These are weevils the evil in your pantry. Yikes! What the heck have you done wrong that you’ve got a seemingly alien life form munching on your flour?


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Attack of the Killer Tomato Sauce

In 1978 a movie entitled “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes” was released.  If you haven’t seen this musical and you’re really desperate and willing to just allow silliness to take over your life for about an hour and a half you should rent it. But this post is about a real-life horror story that took place in my own kitchen and nearly cost me my life.

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Root Cellar Basics

When I was a kid every house in our town had a root cellar. The builders back then knew that people wanted and expected them. My husband, M, also had a root cellar in his childhood home as did everyone in the neighborhood. I don’t really understand why the these marvelous rooms aren’t being built into every home nowadays.

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Start Eating Your Carrot Tops!



There has been a lot of debate about whether or not carrot tops (the leafy tops) are poisonous. There is nothing to suggest that they are and people eat them regularly. In fact, in Europe carrot tops are sold as a market vegetable. So stop throwing them out and start eating your carrot tops!

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Mulberry Fruit Leather


Now that it’s in full fruit I play whack-a-mole with the mulberry tree almost daily. I love having mulberry jam in the pantry and making mulberry buckles and cobblers. But this year I decided to try something different. I made mulberry fruit leather (just like the fruit roll up treats you probably ate as a kid) for my grandchildren.

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Blanch Your Garden Vegetables before Freezing

There’s nothing like pulling out vegetables in the dead of winter that you grew yourself the summer before. But in order to get the nutritional benefits of those vegetables you must blanch your garden vegetables before freezing.

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