Microgreens are the first true leaves produced from a seedling, often in fewer than 14 days. These greens are young and only reach about 1-3 inches in height. Left to grow, they’ll turn into the full size, mature leafy greens you already know. But you may be eating microgreens without knowing it already. Many restaurants are using them and even commercially packaged salad mixes often have microgreens tucked in. And they’re healthy!


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Making Your Own Worm Farm

I admit, in most ways, I’m not a fan of worms. I still prefer my son baiting my hook when we’re fishing. When I see a worm on the surface of a street I get the shudders. But in my vegetable garden I’m thrilled to see lots of these wonderful creatures in the soil. They create a substance known as vermicompost which has five times more nitrogen, seven times more phosphorus and 11 times more potassium than plain old soil. It’s produced by the digestive process of worms and, in my mind, is worth its weight in gold. My favorite part is that it’s non-chemical and available right in my yard.


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Flavor Inspired Container Herb Gardens

Some herbs pair so naturally and deliciously with each other that we reach for the combinations automatically. Since we’re trying to achieve certain flavor profiles I thought it might be fun to create flavor inspired container herb gardens.


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Ways To Use Onions You May Not Know

It’s natural to think of onions for their culinary uses. I love onions. My older son’s girlfriend hates them. But she, and you, may change your mind about onions when your read these ways to use onions you may not know.


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How To for Seeds

I love the Old Farmer’s Almanac. I check it for last frost dates in spring and first frost dates in fall. I’ve found some great gardening tips over the years and this year I discovered some terrific ways to deal with problems many of us have when sowing seeds in the garden. We’re planting our early seeds right now and you can bet I’m going to use these tricks!

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Garden Season is On!

It was an absolutely gorgeous day yesterday. There was a slight breeze but the temperature was in the 70’s and it was very sunny. It was the perfect day to really get to work on my neglected garden. I’d cleaned up a bit in fall and we’d finished clearing out earlier the spring but I was late on getting some early crops in the ground. But with the weather today it was definite. Garden season is on!

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Worm Tea for Your Vegetables and Flowers

Some of my friends think I’m a little too strict about what I won’t use in my vegetable garden. I purchase only heirloom seeds, I don’t use pesticides, and I will only use truly organic fertilizer. My rationale is that I’m going to all the work to grow produce for my family so I’m not going to feed them things that are genetically modified or chemically treated. I’m a big fan of the beneficial microbes in soil as well as of the beneficial insects. This post will explain how I can keep my garden healthy and strong.
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Make Meals Healthier With Herbs

Herbs grow in my garden in summer and on my windowsills in winter. I can’t imagine cooking without herbs. From the delicately flavored to the really robust, herbs can elevate a dish from the everyday to the sublime. But it’s not just taste that you should consider when deciding to use herbs. This post will show you how to make meals heathier with herbs. Here’s a list of some of the beneficial herbs you should be eating.

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Redefining Homesteading

By definition a homestead is the house a family lives in and the adjoining land. By that definition, a homestead could be anything from a 20,000 acre ranch to a suburban or urban home with a yard. While I still think of homesteading as purchasing a house with acreage, at least 20 or 30 for a small homestead, the reality is that I am a homesteader.


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