Goals and Challenges

The idea of having New Year’s resolutions has always evaded me. Perhaps it’s because, in my wild youth, I actually tried making them and failed miserably. But I think, more than my failure at keeping past resolutions, it’s that the very premise of resolutions made at the beginning of the year seems destined to create failure. Instead, I’ve decided to come up with a list of goals and challenges.

Goals and challenges

Goals and Challenges


Cleaning Part 1 – Ways to Make Your Home Smell Great

I first posted this last (early) spring. When our homes are closed up due to cold weather we need to do something to freshen them. Since winter came back this year I thought it would be a good time to post it again! And if you have ways that you use to freshen up your home I’d love to hear them! Meanwhile, please enjoy Cleaning Part 1 – Ways to Make Your Home Smell Great!

Easy ways to make your home smell great!

Ways to Make Your Home Smell Great!

How to Deal with Unexpected Guests

The holidays are almost here and that means that you’ll have both expected and possibly unexpected guests. Don’t let surprise visitors throw you for a loop! Check out How to Deal with Unexpected Guests to learn how to cope.

Easy tips on how to deal with those unexpected guests!

20 Cool & Effective Kitchen Hacks


Anything that makes life easier and/or saves money is good, right? I scour the internet looking for ways to do both. Some I’ve tried and some I haven’t. I don’t own a waffle iron so I couldn’t try out the hacks using one but these all seem to fit the bill for cool & effective kitchen hacks!

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Alternative Ways to Stay Cool

Being fat has taught me two things; I can’t sink, which I learned in Virginia Beach and I cannot tolerate heat. Of course hot flashes don’t help matters but just the regular summer heat is overwhelming for me. Until this year I’d work in my garden and play with the dogs for an hour or so then retreat to the comfort of my 70° home. But this year our central air isn’t working. Neither is the furnace but, frankly, that doesn’t concern me. It’s spring and the forecast for the rest of the week is temperatures in the mid-80’s. I will not fare well in this.

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Respect Yourself as a Homemaker

If you are a stay-at-home mom and homemaker you’ve no doubt heard, too many times, the question, “Do you work or just stay home?” People seem to think that, unless you get a paycheck, you don’t work. There’s no job that takes more time with fewer material rewards and no other job that can be as rewarding emotionally and spiritually than being a homemaker. So while others may not, it’s important that you respect yourself as a homemaker.

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How to Deal With Unexpected Guests

When I was young, oh those many…many…many years ago I loved the idea of people just dropping by for an evening or a weekend. It was so exciting! My house was always clean and I always had baked goods to offer them.
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