Great Summer Projects for Kids

School is almost over for the year and summer vacations and activities are starting. Kids free to play and explore. But kids can get bored easily. My grand kids come for a week each summer and to make sure we have fun things to do I’ve found these great summer projects for kids!

Great Summer Projects for Kids

Great Summer Projects for Kids


Baby Fever Once Removed

Lately I’ve been introduced to a lot of blogs written by young mothers. It’s interesting to read about the ups and downs of being a young mom from the perspective of being a grandmother. I find myself wanting to dispense sage (in my opinion) advice or comment, “No, no, no!” But there is one topic that gets me every time and that’s baby fever. Baby fever, for those of you who don’t know, is the nearly overwhelming desire to have a baby. I have baby fever once removed.

Baby Fever Once Removed

Baby Fever Once Removed


Shaving Cream Painting

Shaving Cream PaintingLast summer when our out-of-state grand kids were visiting I wanted something fun to do with them that didn’t involve a lot of expense or stuffing them all in the car. I’m re-posting the craft project we did because we all had so much fun and it actually is a good “stuck in the house” art project for any time of the year. If you try this I hope you have as much fun as we did with Shaving Cream Painting!

Shaving Cream Painting & Colored Rice Art

Because of Love


A few years ago, during one of my out-of-state grand kids’ visits my younger granddaughter and her cousin, my in-state grandson, got into a disagreement. I don’t even know what the argument was about but my granddaughter, who was 5 at that time, announced that her cousin had never met her parents and never would. It was, in her mind, the ultimate “so there!” And that is how we had the discussion “Because of Love.”

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Pacifier Wars

When my oldest son was a baby he used a pacifier which we called his “tetcha.”  As a newborn it was just a tool for helping him sleep. But, before long we discovered he had a kidney problem and the round of doctors and hospitals began. Soon the tetcha wasn’t just a thing that he used for sucking. It became his lifeboat in a world filled with strange places, people and needles.

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Potty Training as a Grandparent

If you had kids who now have kids of their own I assume you potty trained the now adult people. It’s unlikely they went off to their high school proms in diapers. I remember the days of potty-training and, honestly, it wasn’t terribly hard on me or the kids. Even when our grandchildren started coming along and we had them for extended visits the potty issue never put an iota of fear in my heart.
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