Christmas Etiquette

This will probably offend a great many people but if even a few take this advice to heart it will be worth it. For many people you know Christmas is not a time of joy. It is a time of sadness, loss, and loneliness. If you are enjoying the season please be aware that many are not and employ a little Christmas etiquette.


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10 Strange Christmas Traditions

Every family has its own Christmas traditions passed down from generation to generation. There are also traditions that countries, regions, states, and even towns cherish. But there are some traditions that some of us may consider strange. So, for your holiday enjoyment (or horror) here are 10 strange Christmas traditions!

10 Strange Christmas Traditions you probably never heard about

10 Strange Christmas Traditions

Cool Gifts Just in Time for Christmas!

I wanted to share some of the really cool gift ideas I’ve found lately. I was just going here and there on the internet and found there are some unusual gifts that may really tickle the people on your list this year. So here’s my list of cool gifts just in time for Christmas! Just so you know, I am not an affiliate of these sellers. I just think their products are cool!

Find cool gifts just in time for Christmas!

Cool Gifts Just in Time for Christmas!

10 Great Gifts for the Guy in Your Life

Guys can be tough to shop for but this list of 10 Great Gifts for Your Guy should help. From cozy comfort to high tech toys you’re sure to get some ideas for the men in your life!

10 Great Gifts for the Guy in Your Life

Get the list here!

The Most Wanted Toys for Christmas

Finding the right toy for Christmas can be a real challenge! Sure, kids write to Santa but there are always the surprise toys Santa shows up with that light up your child’s face. This short guide to some of the most wanted toys for Christmas may help you find just the right presents to put under the tree. And just in time for those sales!

The Most Wanted Toys for Christmas are here!

Find the toys here!

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