Bed Injuries

When Mr. Comfortable and I were younger we rarely suffered bed injuries. We were more flexible and could move quickly. Now we’re older, stiffer, and our reaction times have slowed considerably. Bed injuries occur frequently.

Bed injuries

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National Dogs in Politics Day

Every September 23rd America celebrates (or at least some of us do) National Dogs in Politics Day. This holiday reminds us that sometimes non-humans make the most honest, dependable, and hard-working public servants. Duke, pictured below, is serving his fourth term as mayor of Cormorant, Minnesota!

National Dogs in Politics Day

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International Talk Like a Pirate Day

Because I love weird things I’ve decided to celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day this year. The “holiday” is celebrated every September 19th. Who knew? I’m sure Mr. C will call a shrink and the kids will start looking for a cheap old folks home for me but their confusion will be worth it!

International Talk Like a Pirate Day

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Spirituality in an Irish Family

I came from a large, Irish Catholic family. Every Sunday we attended Mass and I remember Daddy on his knees each night praying before he went to bed. Spirituality in an Irish family is very important. But, as a kid, we viewed things a little differently than the adults.

Spirituality in an Irish family

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Special Diets and Family Dinners

I’ve always loved having our family dinners with the kids and grand kids. It’s a chance for us to spend time together over a good meal and enjoy each other’s company. But lately my kids’ special diets and family dinners are causing me headaches!

Special Diets and Family Dinners

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Fungus Amungus with Creeping Crud

This summer has been absolutely wonderful and, at the same time, not the best summer of my life. A perfect example of this is happening right now. The weekend began seemingly innocently. Friday night I got a sore throat. It was no big deal, really. On Saturday we attended our granddaughter’s 12th birthday party. It was so much fun and we stayed through the bonfire that evening. About 30 minutes after getting home I found I have Fungus Amungus with Creeping Crud.

Fungus Amungus with Creeping Crud

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Some Assembly Required

There are few phrases that strike fear into the hearts of anyone who has children or grandchildren more than “some assembly required.” And yesterday Mr. Comfortable and I ignored our instincts and found ourselves in a “some assembly required” situation. We survived but it wasn’t pretty.

Some Assembly Required

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He Tried to Kill Me, a Six Hour Vacation, Homemade Potato Chips & a Near Fire

At first glance these things may not seem to go together. But in my world it’s not even that unusual to have topics like these juxtaposed. It’s been a somewhat strange couple of weeks and the fact that he tried to kill me, a six hour vacation, homemade potato chips & a near fire actually do make sense side by side.

He Tried to Kill Me, a Six Hour Vacation, Homemade Potato Chips & a Near Fire

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Ask Your Doctor About

I’d love to be able to skip commercials when I watch TV but we only have an antenna so there’s no way to record and zoom past the darned things. In the middle of a sleepless night I realized there had been 4 ads for various prescription drugs in just over an hour. Two things struck me about these commercials. They all have hideous side effects and every one of them tells us to “Ask your doctor about…”

Ask your doctor about

Ask Your Doctor About…

Getting Ready for the Wedding

I’m going to take the the week off because I’m getting ready for the wedding! Pete & Andi will be tying the knot in a matter of days and I’ve got so much to do! But before I go I want to tell you all about how things have gone since the kids first announced they were getting married.

Getting Ready for the Wedding

Getting Ready for the Wedding

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