Organizing Your Refrigerator & Freezer

Keeping things in the refrigerator and freezer is important for both your wallet and your health. Organizing your refrigerator & freezer means you won’t waste money buying things you already have. And you won’t get sick eating food that should have been tossed.

Organizing Your Refrigerator & Freezer

Organizing Your Refrigerator & Freezer


Organization Part 6 – Clearing Out the Junk Room

One of my deep shames is a room that should be an extra guest room but has instead become a junk room. Yes. I have a junk room. It’s easy when you have more bedrooms than people to occupy them and that’s what happened when the kids grew up and moved out. It was just too easy to put things in a bedroom with the intention of storing it properly or getting rid of it later. In my mind it now resembles an episode of “Hoarders.” Now it’s necessary to turn that room back into a functional bedroom. I have a solid reason for clearing out the junk room and a time frame that won’t allow me to up and quit.
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Organization Series Part 5 – Tips for Organizing

There are so many wonderful ideas for organizing that it’s hard to share them all with you. Not everyone will decide to use every idea but, in my world, the more organized things are the better. I love being able to find things easily and to know where things I don’t use every day are stored. Here are some of the great tips for organizing I’ve discovered recently.


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Planning For a Month of Dinners

I’m not going to actually give you a list of meals for a month in this post. Every family has its favorite foods and there may be dietary restrictions or allergies to consider for your family. This is more of a how-to planning for the month’s dinners.


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Do Not Refrigerate

For homemakers one of the true Great Debates is what must be and what must never be stored in the refrigerator. One of the most hotly debated items is butter. The USDA insists butter should be kept in its wrapper in the refrigerator while many people, including me, keep it on the counter. Butter is made from pasteurized milk so the chance of contamination is low but there’s always a slight risk. Salted butter runs a low risk but unsalted, whipped, or “light” butters have a higher risk. There are certain foods, however, for which you should always follow the rule; Do not refrigerate.

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Making A Coupon Organizer System

In my post Simple Steps To Saving Money — Part 1: Groceries I talked about using coupons to save at the grocery store. One problem I’ve seen so many times at the checkout is that people often don’t organize their coupons. They miss using coupons for items they’re buying only to find them afterward, they pull out expired coupons, and sometimes the coupons are so wrinkled and worn they can’t be read. It may seem like a silly topic, but coupon organizing is important in helping save money.

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Organization Part 5 — Spice Cupboard

Today I’m going to spice it up! Okay, bad pun, I know. But the spice cupboard is so important to the kitchen. Cooking and baking would be incredibly bland without the right spices and I hate wasting time searching for a specific spice. When I’m gathering ingredients for a recipe I want to be able to pull the spices out without getting a headache. And our youngest son and his lovely girlfriend often come over for dinner which he usually takes over making so I want him to be able to find everything easily.
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Organization Part 4 – Organizing Your Pantry

A chore that is often forgotten or ignored is organizing your pantry. If you’re lucky enough to have a pantry you may know how easily it can sometimes look like one of those closets in movies where, when the door is opened, everything falls out. It can require a little discipline to keep your pantry organized but it’s worth it. Time spent re-organizing is wasted time. Money spent on things lost in there is wasted money. And having a well-organized pantry makes meal-planning and creating a shopping list much easier.
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Organization Part 3 — Everything Under The Kitchen Sink

In 2000 I had a spinal cord injury that left me with central nervous system damage. It’s very difficult for me to bend and getting up and down from bed and chairs is difficult and sometimes impossible without help. Since getting up from a chair is hard you can imagine how hard it is to get down and back up from the floor. I avoid putting my bottom end and floors together as often as I can!
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