In an Irish Family – Mama’s Boys

There’s an old saying “A son is a son ‘til he takes a wife but a daughter’s a daughter all of her life.” This may be true of a lot of families but in all the Irish families I’ve known (and I’ve known a lot) sons and mothers are very, very close. It’s not that they’re not manly. Irish guys all seem to be tough guys. But in an Irish family, Mama’s boys are more the rule than the exception.

In an Irish Family the men are tough but they're also Mama's boys!

Mama’s Boys


The Sweetest Fruit

My husband and I disagree slightly on how much room I need for my garden. I’d like to expand it to nearly double the size it is now and he thinks it will “take up all the dogs’ running room.” He’s wrong, of course, but I’ve found a way around some of his objections. I’ve decided that I’m getting rid of some (most) of the trees in our little grove so I can plant certain crops where junk trees now grow.

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Taking Care of Yourself (When You Have Kids to Take Care of)

Being a mommy can feel like it’s the only thing in your life. Even if you work outside the home you’re the person primarily responsible for the care of your children. Fathers often say things like, “I’ll babysit” as if the kids aren’t his and he’s just helping you out. After a while moms can suffer total burnout. But taking care of yourself when you have kids to take care of is important! Without you the household would pretty much fall apart.

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