You May Be Risking Your Dog’s Life

We’ve had the same vet for more than 25 years and she’s become a member of our family. As such, she has no problem yelling at me when she thinks I’m doing something wrong with our dogs. I remember when she discovered I made a plate for each of our dogs at Thanksgiving and Christmas. At the time we had five dogs and she told me we’d have five very sick/dead dogs if I kept doing it. Ouch. There are many foods we, as people, can eat that are very unsafe for our dogs. Without knowing it, you may be risking your dog’s life!

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Summer Tips for Dog Owners

Summer is my favorite season and my dogs generally feel the same way. Although Remy isn’t wild about the heat because of his double coat he still begs to go outside all the time. He and Henry love basking in the sun then stretching out in the shade. But there are dangers in summer that spring and fall do not pose for dogs. I’m absolutely crazy about the boys and know most dog owners are the same way I thought some summer tips for dog owners might help.

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UPDATE: Little Lost Anna

It hasn’t been a week since we discovered the little dog I’d seen was actually lost but a lot has happened in that time. First, I found that her owners aren’t terribly interested in her. In the time since I first contacted them to say Anna was here they haven’t called a single time to find out if she was still around.

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Little Lost Anna

Over a week ago I saw a little dog at the edge of the garden near the field. She was so cute and so tiny (compared to the boys) that I was instantly smitten. The instant I opened the door to call her, however, she fled. I thought she must belong to someone who lived nearby and forgot about it.

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On Losing A Four-Legged Family Member

People who don’t have pets often say, “It was just a dog.” Nothing could be less accurate. Our pets are not “just a” dog or a cat or even a goldfish. We love them like family because they are family. They are our fur kids. They’re our brothers and sisters. They’re our kids.

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