An Inadvertent Recipe Thief

Not long ago I posted a recipe for my Cheddar Lake Biscuits;. I’ve been making them forever and I was quite sure I’d come up with the recipe myself. But a couple of days ago I pulled out a box of Bisquick™ and noticed a recipe for Cheddar Bay Biscuits on the back of the box. So now it’s time for the confession of an inadvertent recipe thief.

Cheddar Lake Biscuits

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Cheddar Lake Biscuits

The delicious Cheddar Bay biscuits served at Red Lobster® restaurants are one of my favorite biscuits of all time. When I found they were being sold in stores I thought it was wonderful. But I like things homemade so I decided to change up the recipe a bit and make them myself. Living in Michigan, surrounded by the Great Lakes made the name an easy choice. I call them Cheddar Lake Biscuits!

Cheddar Lake Biscuits

Cheddar Lake Biscuits

Lemon Gooey Cookies

Nothing makes me feel more perky than the taste of lemons whether it’s in a savory or sweet dish. It is so refreshing! My family loves it when I make a savory lemon dish for our family dinners but I thought I’d use lemon for dessert with these wonderful Lemon Gooey Cookies.

Lemon Gooey Cookies

Lemon Gooey Cookies

Jean’s No Knead Herb Bread

If you’ve read some of my early posts you’ve read about my friend Jean. She was Nanny Jean to my kids and not only a beloved friend but my mentor in so many ways. Jean was patient in her teaching as I was a very young wife and mom. I was really nervous when she told me she was going to have me make bread for the first time! But she taught me a really simple, really delicious way to make Jean’s No Knead Herb Bread and I still make it to this day!

Jean's No Knead Herb Bread

Jean’s No Knead Herb Bread

Puff Pastries with Peg

My dear friend, Peg saw the Tasty’s puff pastries 4 ways video and wanted the two of us to try making them. I was a little intimidated when I watched the video. After all, what would I do if they didn’t turn out absolutely perfect? After giving it a little thought I realized that, when things go wrong in baking, you get to eat the mistakes! Then I realized when things go right in baking you get to eat those ones, too! Win, win! So here is my adventure in making Puff Pastries with Peg.

Impress your guests with these easy to make puff pastries

Puff Pastries

Earl Grey Tea Cookies with Lemon Glaze

Earl Grey Tea Cookies with Lemon Glaze are sophisticated but easy to make!

It’s been a rainy couple of days. Rainy days always make me want to curl up with a cup of tea and cookies to watch a good movie. But not just any cookie will do. For a rainy fall day I wanted a big batch of Earl Grey Tea Cookies with Lemon Glaze. These cookies have the light citrus flavor of bergamot that’s perfect for a day like today!

Get the delicious recipe here!

Bam’s Malt Shoppe Cookies

I shared this recipe back in March and I realized I haven’t made these cookies since then. It’s definitely time!

When I was a kid there were still honest-to-goodness malt shoppes in our town. The people behind the counter wore caps, usually made of paper, and you could order pop (soda), root beer floats, ice cream, milkshakes, and my favorite a chocolate malted. I miss those old shoppes and so I decided to bring them back with Bam’s Malt Shoppe Cookies.

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Halloween Disaster

We don’t “do” Halloween at our house. It’s not that I object to kids dressing up and getting candy. I loved Halloween as a kid and I love dressing my kids up when they were young. The reason we don’t do the holiday at my house is because we live in a rural area. All the kids go to the village to trick or treat. If they did it here they’d make it to 3 house then trick or treating hours would end. So…keeping in mind that I haven’t really done anything for Halloween in almost 20 years, here is my Halloween disaster!


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Bam’s Lemon Pound Cake 1

Today is my youngest son’s birthday. I spent yesterday making him one of the versions of my two lemon pound cakes. I call this one Bam’s Lemon Pound Cake 1 because I also make a different version.

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Make Your Own – Baking Ingredients

Sometimes we run out of the ingredients needed to make that perfect cookie or frosting. It can be frustrating to have to run to the store to pick up ingredients. Here are a few ways to make your own ingredients for baking.

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