Saving Money Series — Save MORE Money on Cleaning Supplies

I’ve given some tips on how to save money on cleaning supplies.  Here are some other ways to save more money on cleaning products.

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Saving Money Series – Save on cleaning products

We all want to have clean homes and these tips will help you save on cleaning products. Don’t waste money when a cheap alternative is available. Save that money for something you really want!

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Dehydrating Foods

I’m a huge fan of dehydrating food. I’ve dehydrated a lot of different things over the years. If squirrels weren’t so darned fast I’d probably have thrown a couple in my dehydrator by now! Dehydrating is a great way to preserve food but there are some things that just don’t dehydrate well.  

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A Sample Pantry List

If you are following along on my Simple Steps To Saving Money Series, this is a sample of a pantry list I use. I don’t have every item on this list and I don’t have every item I’ve ever used but it’s pretty complete. Of course you will adapt your list to the things that you have in your pantry. I have a separate list of staple refrigerator items like milk, butter, and eggs.

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Simple Steps To Saving Money — Part 1: Groceries

Retirement is supposed to be that golden time of life during which your spoil your grandkids, travel, and do all the renovations on the house you’ve been putting off. Unfortunately, for many of us retirement means a serious cut in income. Add the sometimes minor, sometimes serious health issues of growing older and your disposable income can quickly disappear.

I’ve done some cost-cutting and I wish I had done so years ago. I’d have more of that elusive disposable income now if I’d spent less and saved more. But saving anything now helps and for those of you who aren’t yet “golden” these are some good ways to help you cut your expenses. Not all will work for you but at least a few should help.

Saving Money Part 1-01

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