Redefining Homesteading

By definition a homestead is the house a family lives in and the adjoining land. By that definition, a homestead could be anything from a 20,000 acre ranch to a suburban or urban home with a yard. While I still think of homesteading as purchasing a house with acreage, at least 20 or 30 for a small homestead, the reality is that I am a homesteader.


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Cooking Class Lesson 1 – Basic Terminology

I love to cook and bake. When I was growing up every mom taught her daughters to cook. Some moms even taught their sons. When I had kids I made sure they knew how to cook and bake. My sons began learning to cook when they were in kindergarten. Of course they weren’t doing anything fancy or using knives yet but that foundation gave them both a love of cooking I rarely see. I told them back then that they couldn’t count on getting married. Now I realize a lot of girls their age don’t know how to cook.

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Planning For a Month of Dinners

I’m not going to actually give you a list of meals for a month in this post. Every family has its favorite foods and there may be dietary restrictions or allergies to consider for your family. This is more of a how-to planning for the month’s dinners.


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Why I Love My Home

There are times when I long for a more luxurious home. I fantasize about having a spectacular kitchen that has a pot-filler at the six burner stove. I think how great it would be if I had a dishwasher and two ovens. But, although my home is nothing like the one I sometimes dream of it has charms that no granite countertops could ever match.


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Bam’s Bitta Pie

Our oldest grandson started calling this Bam’s Bitta Pie when he was really young because when he asked what went into the pie I told him “A bit of this and a bit of that.” This recipe is one I use when I really want a baked dessert but can’t handle a lot of time on my feet to bake or when I get a call that guests are coming and I don’t have time to do some really fancy baked item. I serve this with vanilla ice cream and a little chocolate syrup drizzled over all.
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Edible Flowers

You may be surprised to know that many flowers that you’ve seen or grown yourself are edible. Perhaps you’ve seen cooking shows in which squash blossoms are stuffed and fried. But Italians aren’t the only people who have used flowers in their dishes. Greeks, Romans, Chinese, and Indian cuisine all feature flowers in their traditional foods. Flowers have been used in cooking for thousands of years.  Flowers not only add color to your cooking but flavor as well.
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Slow Cooker Swiss Steak

Slow cookers are wonderful! If I know my day will be busy and I’ll be too tired to spend a lot of time cooking at the end of the day, I pull out the slow cooker. Although this recipe requires a bit of prep it’s so worth it when dinner time arrives! I serve it with mashed potatoes or rice.

5 Swiss-Steak-plated
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