Colored Rice Art for Little Kids

When my boys were toddlers I used to love watching them create. I bought gallons of non-toxic paints, truckloads of paper of various types, and brushes of every size and description. But it was my neighbor, Nanny Jean, who taught me about colored rice art for little kids.

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Cabbage Worms

This afternoon I found something awful in my garden; a cabbage leaf, the underside of which had an infestation of cabbage looper eggs!

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Save Money on Entertainment

Summer is a great time to spend time with the family. There are so many entertainment options in the warm weather. But the cost of entertaining your brood may seem too high to really enjoy some events or places. These tips on how to save money on entertainment may help you have more fun this summer for less!

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Grilled Pork Tenderloin

We eat a lot of chicken, mostly due to my husband’s difficulty with eating, but I like to serve other meats as well. My husband is beginning to be able to taste some things and I like to experiment with flavors to determine which things he can taste. This grilled pork tenderloin is a relatively quick meal and it’s perfect with my easy, tasty marinade for pork.

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UPDATE: Little Lost Anna

It hasn’t been a week since we discovered the little dog I’d seen was actually lost but a lot has happened in that time. First, I found that her owners aren’t terribly interested in her. In the time since I first contacted them to say Anna was here they haven’t called a single time to find out if she was still around.

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