Marinades: Making Your Meals Special

Groceries keep getting more and more expensive. It seems that the prices of foods, especially meats and produce go up twice a week! I’m not independently wealthy so buying meat and any produce I don’t have from my summer garden really puts a dent in my budget. One way to make the most of the inexpensive cuts of meat and tough vegetables is by using marinades.

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Quick Tricks for a Cleaner Home

I may have given the impression that I love to clean. I don’t. I love a clean home which means I have to clean but I’d give anything to have a self-cleaning house…and a self-cleaning oven. Today’s post is some of the little tricks I use to cut down on the amount of cleaning I have to do so I can spend more time cooking, baking, gardening, and having deep, philosophical discussions with the dogs.

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Worm Tea for Your Vegetables and Flowers

Some of my friends think I’m a little too strict about what I won’t use in my vegetable garden. I purchase only heirloom seeds, I don’t use pesticides, and I will only use truly organic fertilizer. My rationale is that I’m going to all the work to grow produce for my family so I’m not going to feed them things that are genetically modified or chemically treated. I’m a big fan of the beneficial microbes in soil as well as of the beneficial insects. This post will explain how I can keep my garden healthy and strong.
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Make Meals Healthier With Herbs

Herbs grow in my garden in summer and on my windowsills in winter. I can’t imagine cooking without herbs. From the delicately flavored to the really robust, herbs can elevate a dish from the everyday to the sublime. But it’s not just taste that you should consider when deciding to use herbs. This post will show you how to make meals heathier with herbs. Here’s a list of some of the beneficial herbs you should be eating.

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Saving Money Series – More Tips and Tricks to Save Money

I’m always looking for ways to save. This post gives you 10 more tips and tricks to save money.



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Bam’s Creamy Mushroom Chicken Bake

I use chicken thighs for this recipe but you could definitely substitute breasts. If you choose to use skinless, boneless chicken skip browning the chicken and increase the cooking time. Because the soups are salty I don’t add any additional salt.
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