Traditional Shepherd’s Pie

I’m Irish with a little Greek thrown in. Mama was Irish all the way back and Daddy was Greek and Irish. So St. Patrick’s Day is important to me so I don’t want to make the American traditional St. Paddy’s dinner of corned beef and cabbage. You won’t find that on a St. Patrick’s Day table in Ireland. Instead, I’m going to make Shepherd’s Pie which I hope you’ll make part of your holiday tradition.
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Using Essential Oils as Insect Repellents

The last few days here have been unseasonably warm. I’ve seen bugs flying and crawling around that we usually wouldn’t see for at least another month. I don’t want to be bugged by bugs but harsh chemicals aren’t my first choice for battling them. If you don’t like using chemical weaponry try using essential oils as insect repellents instead.

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Saving Money Series — Save MORE Money on Cleaning Supplies

I’ve given some tips on how to save money on cleaning supplies.  Here are some other ways to save more money on cleaning products.

save more on cleaning supplies-01
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Cleaning Part 2- Habits That Help The House Stay Cleaner

I love having a clean house and, over the years I’ve learned some habits that help the house stay cleaner. These simple habits also help when it comes to more serious cleaning chores.
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Organization Part 5 — Spice Cupboard

Today I’m going to spice it up! Okay, bad pun, I know. But the spice cupboard is so important to the kitchen. Cooking and baking would be incredibly bland without the right spices and I hate wasting time searching for a specific spice. When I’m gathering ingredients for a recipe I want to be able to pull the spices out without getting a headache. And our youngest son and his lovely girlfriend often come over for dinner which he usually takes over making so I want him to be able to find everything easily.
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