Do You Have Polycythemia Vera?

While it’s never pleasant to think you may have a serious disease it’s important that you find out early on. Some diseases are so subtle and asymptomatic you need tests to discover them. Polycythemia vera is considered a rare disease with about 2 in every 100,000 people having the disease. It usually develops slowly, and you might have it for years without knowing. Often the condition is found during a blood test done for another reason. Do you have Polycythemia Vera?

Polycythemia Vera

Do You Have Polycythemia Vera?


Brain Fog

It’s no fun when you can’t think the way you normally think. Brain fog is a frustrating condition brought on by many different conditions and even treatments for certain diseases! Whether you know it as chemo fog, fibro fog, pain fog or some other name brain fog is a real issue for many people.

Brain fog is real but there are things you can do to help yourself

Learn about chemo fog, fibro & CFS fog, and chronic pain fog here!

Feeding a Cancer Patient

This post is aimed at a very specific audience and, frankly, I hope you never become part of that group. It you do, I pray this post may help you in a very difficult time. Of course each person undergoing treatment will experience different issues and varied severity of the issues. I will be happy to research anything that may help you and your loved one during this most difficult time. Please feel free to ask!

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