Chicken Milanesa

Chicken and citrus are great together! I love the way those flavors complement each other. Like Mr. Comfortable and me, they bring out the best in each other! The Panamanian way I make Chicken Milanesa, with its crispy coating and lime flavor is a terrific chicken dish. I incorporate lime juice right into the dish rather than simply serving it with lime slices.

Chicken Milanesa

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Make Your Own – Infused Oils

So many recipes call for oil and using infused oil can add another layer of flavor. Oil can be infused with herbs, aromatics like garlic or onion, citrus, and even nuts. It’s easy to make your own infused oils! Here’s how to do it.

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Growing lemons from seeds

Since I love lemons and use them so much when cooking and baking I’ve decided I need a lemon tree. I can buy a dwarf tree at a greenhouse not far from town but that’s too easy. So I’m going to try growing lemons from seeds.

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