Beef Stew

Our weird winter weather continued last week with temperatures above normal. Then came the power outage and by Saturday morning the lows were ridiculously low. I’d refused to come out from beneath the blankets while we had no electricity and, therefore, no heat but once the power returned I was really craving a good homemade meal. And, since it was seasonally cold (freezing) it was the perfect night for beef stew!

Beef stew is the perfect cold weather meal!

Beef Stew

Bam’s Beef Chili with Cornbread Croutons

Last night was the season premiere of The Walking Dead. I happen to absolutely love TWD and, if you don’t, I forgive you. Mr. Comfortable and I go to Pete’s house to watch the show and I have been itching for it to return. But first I had to take care of dinner. In the spirit of trying to like fall I decided to make a cold weather dish. It was a bit strange though. Earlier I’d been outside in a t-shirt and shorts while Remy and Henry played. It was so warm it felt more like early summer than late October. But, being a semi-good sport I came inside and made Bam’s Beef Chili with Cornbread Croutons.

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