Steak Sandwiches with Red Onion Jam

Have you ever tried two recipes and loved them both? That’s what happened when I saw a recipe for a steak marinade on All Recipes and thought of a recipe I’ve used for years from Brian Boitano when he was on Food Network. I had a 1 pound rib eye steak, some mini French bread buns, and a hankering for something really savory yet with a touch of sweetness. So I made Steak Sandwiches with Red Onion Jam!

Steak Sandwiches with Red Onion Jam are absolutely delicious!

Steak Sandwiches with Red Onion Jam


Bam’s Battered Steak Bites

A long time ago, longer than I like to admit, we took a trip to California. On the way we had a really tasty meal in a tiny diner somewhere out west. I can’t even remember which state we were making out way through at the time but I remember that meal! Battered Steak Bites is my take on that dinner.

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Andi’s Tropical Crunch Chicken


Our son’s girlfriend decided to make us dinner last night. She and our son were stopping by anyway and, after the tomato sauce debacle, she knew I wasn’t able to do much. I felt guilty as she lugged in bags of ingredients but, once I tasted her chicken strips, I got over it. They were wonderfully crunchy and the coconut and orange flavors made her dish like a trip to the Caribbean. Since she didn’t have a name for her chicken I dubbed it Andi’s Tropical Crunch Chicken.

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Bam’s Breaded Pork Chops

Yesterday was not a fantastic day. My hands were terribly swollen when I woke up and it took me a while to even be able to make a loose fist. On top of being stiff and sore all over I had a migraine. The only thing I wanted to do was retreat to my bed and feel sorry for myself but I refused. If nothing else I was determined to make a good dinner and thick, juicy pork chops coated in a slightly spicy breading is my idea of a great dinner! It was time for Bam’s Breaded Pork Chops.

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