Memorial Day Memories

Today is a day that most people shop sales, hold barbecues, and party. But for some of us Memorial Day memories aren’t as lighthearted. I want to take the time to remind everyone what Memorial Day should really be about.

Memorial Day Memories

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In an Irish Family – Games and Teasing

From what I’ve seen of all Irish families they’re very similar to mine. They have huge fights and get over them very quickly or never. They have family legends that, no matter how unlikely, are defended like a farmer’s daughter by the farmer. And Irish families all seem to put great stock in teasing, jokes, and games!


In an Irish Family – Games and Teasing

Because of Love


A few years ago, during one of my out-of-state grand kids’ visits my younger granddaughter and her cousin, my in-state grandson, got into a disagreement. I don’t even know what the argument was about but my granddaughter, who was 5 at that time, announced that her cousin had never met her parents and never would. It was, in her mind, the ultimate “so there!” And that is how we had the discussion “Because of Love.”

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