In an Irish Family – Mama’s Boys

There’s an old saying “A son is a son ‘til he takes a wife but a daughter’s a daughter all of her life.” This may be true of a lot of families but in all the Irish families I’ve known (and I’ve known a lot) sons and mothers are very, very close. It’s not that they’re not manly. Irish guys all seem to be tough guys. But in an Irish family, Mama’s boys are more the rule than the exception.

In an Irish Family the men are tough but they're also Mama's boys!

Mama’s Boys


In an Irish Family – Games and Teasing

From what I’ve seen of all Irish families they’re very similar to mine. They have huge fights and get over them very quickly or never. They have family legends that, no matter how unlikely, are defended like a farmer’s daughter by the farmer. And Irish families all seem to put great stock in teasing, jokes, and games!


In an Irish Family – Games and Teasing

You’ll Never Live It Down

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you know that my family is very close and more than a little strange. Another thing about them is that they, like so many families, love being able to tease about really dumb things we’ve done. I seem to have a real penchant for doing dumb things and my family loves to tell me, “You’ll never live it down!” Why the picture of the dime? Read on and I’ll explain.

Families never let you live down your embarrassing moments!

The whole embarrassing story is here


A Reason to be Thankful

Late last week I fell in the yard. In the hours following the fall I thought I was fine. It hurt but not as much as I thought it would. But, over the next few days, things felt worse and worse. This wouldn’t have really been a problem but I’d invited our youngest son, his girlfriend, their daughter (and we ended up with her cousin as well), and my dear friend, Peg to dinner on Monday. I’d already started to thaw a turkey. It was a commitment. It was time to panic. But of course, I shouldn’t have.

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