Straw Bale Gardening

If you’ve been reading my posts lately you know I’m crazy about my garden. I love being able to eat fresh vegetables I’ve grown myself. I also can, dehydrate, and freeze a lot of the produce. But gardening is hard work and, with my disabilities, it’s painful. So I’m considering doing straw bale gardening instead of my traditional garden.

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Free Strawberry Plants

June around here means strawberries. There are u-pick farms everywhere but I have my own strawberry plant in the garden. Since strawberry plants become less productive over time I’m going to propagate new plants so I’ll go on having thriving plants and fresh strawberries. By doing this I’ll get lots of free strawberry plants.

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UPDATE – Potatoes & Carrots in Pots

I promised an update on the potatoes and carrots I planted in pots and I’m delighted to say that the red potatoes and both kinds of carrots are coming up. The Yukon Gold potatoes haven’t shown any green yet but I’m still hopeful.

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Growing Potatoes in Pots

My garden soil has blight so I can’t plant potatoes in it. I can protect my tomatoes and peppers from this fungal disease but not my potatoes. So I’m growing potatoes in pots. Even if your garden soil is perfect you may choose to grow potatoes in pots to save space. You may be surprised how many pounds of potatoes you can get from each pot.

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Microgreens are the first true leaves produced from a seedling, often in fewer than 14 days. These greens are young and only reach about 1-3 inches in height. Left to grow, they’ll turn into the full size, mature leafy greens you already know. But you may be eating microgreens without knowing it already. Many restaurants are using them and even commercially packaged salad mixes often have microgreens tucked in. And they’re healthy!


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