Luxurious Lazy Day

Even when I swear I’m not going to do a thing all day I usually end up doing a lott. Mr. Comfortable has expressed his unhappiness with this because I only vow to take a day off when my pain level is quite high. If I push it too far I have to take time off because I can’t get out of bed. That ruins the whole idea of a day off since pain doesn’t make for a pleasant break. But I just enjoyed a luxurious lazy day and it didn’t cost me my spoons!

Luxurious Lazy Day

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The last couple of weeks have been unpleasant but now I have answers to the questions about the pain in my abdomen. It’s not, as we first believed, my gallbladder. And it isn’t, thank God, any one of the four cancers the doctor was concerned about. Best of all it isn’t a bezoar!


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Getting Back on Track

In early December I noticed I wasn’t feeling at all  like myself. I was ignoring chores and, worse, ignoring friends and even some family members. Nothing seemed to interest me and I felt just awful physically. Normally I’m so cheerful I have wondered if there was something wrong with me! I should have recognized the symptoms but, since I was already off-kilter, I didn’t. But I finally figured it out and I’ve started on the chores I’ve neglected for so long! Yesterday I spent part of the day cleaning my desk and computer desk. I’m finally getting back on track!

Getting back on track with cleaning

Getting Back on Track

15 Ways to Protect Yourself & Your Family from Extreme Cold

While some parts of the country are going to get a slightly milder winter some of us will experience extremely cold temperatures. When Mr. C was undergoing his chemo and radiation our furnace broke down. It was terrifying! The actual temperature was -15 degrees and he was truly in danger. If you have elderly people living with you, someone who is ill, or children you need to learn these 15 ways to protect yourself & your family from extreme cold!

15 Ways to Protect Yourself & Your Family from Extreme Cold

How to Avoid Common Winter Injuries

The snowstorm we just experienced, that went into the wee hours of this morning left us with about 12 inches of snow. That was bad enough but the county came through and did their favorite chore; piling up a huge amount of snow that blocks each driveway. Knowing that we were going to have to get out there and try to clear both the driveway and the county created mountain of snow reminded me how easy it is to hurt oneself in winter.

How to Avoid Common Winter Injuries

How to Avoid Common Winter Injuries

Common Health Problems for Older People

None of us love to admit that we’re getting older. Our youth obsessed society seems to want to shove seniors out on an ice floe never to be seen again. But there are amazing benefits to getting older.

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