Ballymurrin Play Area

Things have really moved along quickly on Ballymurrin lately. Mr. Comfortable has been spending his days outside working hard to finish Ballymurrin Quacker Farmstead while the weather is still warm. The cabin is done. Now it’s time to finish the Ballymurrin Play Area!

Ballymurrin Play Area

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The Duck Cabin has a Floor

For the longest time we made very little progress on the duck cabin but now things are really moving! We’ve got all the material to finish construction and everything is in place to complete this project! And now the duck cabin has a floor!

The Duck Cabin has a Floor

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Serious Construction on the Duck Cabin

The original video that inspired the duck cabin has disappeared from the internet. I didn’t think that was even possible! But in spite of this little setback we’ve begun serious construction on the duck cabin!

Serious Construction on the Duck Cabin

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Progress on the Duck Cabin

It’s been fascinating to watch the duck cabin start to come into existence. Mr. Comfortable has moved from cutting logs for the walls to building the frame for the cabin. I finally feel we’re making progress on the duck cabin!

Progress on the Duck Cabin

Progress on the Duck Cabin

Raising Rabbits for Meat

When my sons were kids they raised rabbits, mostly for showing. Yes, there are rabbit shows just as there are dog shows. The boys’ primary breed was Mini Rex and they did incredibly well. They were first in the country in their breed. But their secondary breed, which they showed mainly at our county fair, was New Zealand (whites) and those are the rabbits I’ve chosen for my next project; raising rabbits for meat.Raising rabbits for meat is a great way to provide for your family!

Raising Rabbits for Meat

Learning to Sew Part III

I’ve been so excited since my sewing machine arrived that it’s been hard to sleep. Seriously. I’ve been that excited about learning to sew! My tutor was supposed to come on Friday to show me how to get started but there was a glitch so Learning to Sew Part III got pushed back.

Sewing is a really useful skill to learn!

Learning to Sew Part III

Learning to Sew Part II

Way back last May I wrote that I really need to learn to sew. I’ve been really afraid of sewing for a long time and the reasons are listed in Learning to Sew. This isn’t a fear of not being able to learn. It’s a real fear of injury which I explain in the post from May. But now I have no excuses because of the incredible generosity of someone who sent me *drum roll please* a sewing machine!

My beautiful new sewing machine!

Learning to Sew Part II

A Conversation with Death Row Ducks

In a continuing effort to educate city dwellers and others about life in a rural area the CCNN (Comfortable Coop News Network) brings you the first in a one episode series on ducks on death row. Technically it’s an episode on how two ducks, sentenced to death escaped their fate due to the valiant efforts of one man and two dogs. And now…with limited commercial interruption…A Conversation with Death Row Ducks.

When you decide not to butcher your ducks...

Death Row Ducks on The CCNN

Butchering a Duck

This post contains some graphic pictures. If you are squeamish or there are kids you’d prefer not viewing them please check out a different post.

After three days of Stu beating up on the other two ducks I decided today was the day he had to be butchered. He was definitely big enough and Penguin and Spot had signed a petition to get Stu out of the tub. Stu bullied them and wouldn’t even let them get their share of the food. It was time to get started on butchering a duck!

This duck will be butchered for stew

Butchering a duck



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