If You Love Dogs

Many of you know we have two dogs. Remy (who may someday be my new Service Dog) and Henry, our spare dog. Although Remy only occasionally helps me out and thinks his most important task is getting his bag of treats each evening and although Henry thinks his job is to sneak on the bed at night (with the help of his accomplice, Mr. C) I love them both like crazy. So anything about dogs catches my attention. If you love dogs as much as I do you’ll get a kick out of these!

If you love dogs you'll love these!

This way to really funny dogs!


My Village

I live a few miles outside a very small village (and, yes, it’s a village not a town or city). It’s not one of those quaint little places with street after street of “darling” shops and upscale eateries. It’s a rural, getting-by-by-the-seat-of-our-pants village. But my village does have some odd, somewhat endearing things about it. Take, for example, the village police department…

Life in a tiny town can be funny

Discover my village

You’ll Never Live It Down

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you know that my family is very close and more than a little strange. Another thing about them is that they, like so many families, love being able to tease about really dumb things we’ve done. I seem to have a real penchant for doing dumb things and my family loves to tell me, “You’ll never live it down!” Why the picture of the dime? Read on and I’ll explain.

Families never let you live down your embarrassing moments!

The whole embarrassing story is here



It’s important that you know this post is written without any prejudice. Everything written here is factual. I’ve done decades of research on spiders and urge you to read this carefully. You may even want to print it out and post it in several locations in your home, school, office, car…everywhere you may ever find yourself.

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