Spirituality in an Irish Family

I came from a large, Irish Catholic family. Every Sunday we attended Mass and I remember Daddy on his knees each night praying before he went to bed. Spirituality in an Irish family is very important. But, as a kid, we viewed things a little differently than the adults.

Spirituality in an Irish family

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In an Irish Family 2

When I wrote about my family’s seeming propensity for violence in the first of my In an Irish Family posts I was a little concerned. I didn’t want people to think that my family is overly aggressive as a first resort. We’re really nice folks. Really. Of course there are more than a few occasions when someone has used forcefulness to make a point. And that brings me to my Aunt Margaret and the Charlotte Russe.

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In an Irish Family

If you grew up in an Irish family you’ve definitely heard your parents and other adult relatives shout “Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!” You usually heard it when you’d been caught doing something that the adult relative found less than intelligent. Now you might think said adults were taking the Lord’s name in vain but that isn’t accurate. The Big Three, as we called them, were being brought in as witnesses for the prosecution. They weren’t needed. The adult(s) had already judged you and found you guilty.

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