Ballymurrin Quacker Farmstead Move in Day

Freckles and Penguin are excited to share the news with you! It’s Ballymurrin Quacker Farmstead Move In Day! Both ducks could hardly wait to show you around their new luxury farmstead so please enjoy their tour!

Ballymurrin Quacker Farmstead Move in Day

The Big Move!


Ballymurrin is Nearly Complete!

Are you sitting down? This is really big news! At times I wondered if I’d end up with ducks in the tub for the rest of my life. My sister’s duck still winters in their tub and Humphrey is 10 years old! After months (and months, and months) of planning, construction, delays, and dreaming Ballymurrin is nearly complete!

Ballymurrin Quacker Farmstead

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Construction Continues

While I’ve been whining about my rash Mr. Comfortable has been working on the Duck Cabin. He hasn’t been able to spend as much time on it as he’d have liked. There were a few days of rain, our granddaughter’s birthday party, and my need to be babied 24/7 because I itch. Yet construction continues!

Construction continues on the duck cabin

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