Remington Steele

I decided, in the interest of fair play, to post a few pictures of my dogs. Well, fair play and because they’re out by the road protesting that they’re not getting any online attention. They feel upstaged by those ducks. Because he’s bigger and can knock me down if he doesn’t feel loved I’m starting with Remy whose full name is Remington Steele.

Remington is an Anatolian Shepherd Dog

Remington Steele


Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Mr. Comfortable and I are going to visit our older son and his family for Thanksgiving. We’re excited about it but Remy and Henry aren’t going to be thrilled. They’re staying home. Because Mr. C is retired and I’m a professional cripple the boys aren’t used to us being away for more than a few hours. This trip will be more than a day away. So I’m taking steps now to be sure they don’t suffer separation anxiety. If you’re going away for the holidays these tips for Separation Anxiety in Dogs may help your fur baby deal with it better.

Separation Anxiety in Dogs can be helped.

Read how to help your dog here


A Different Kind of Birthday Party

We have two dogs; Remy, the dog who was supposed to be my new Service Dog (and that’s a story in itself) and Henry, our spare dog. If you have a dog or more than one you understand that dogs are not pets. Dogs are members of your family. They really do become our fur babies. And that’s how my husband, M, the dogs, and I came to attend a different kind of birthday party last weekend.


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Biddable & Non-biddable Dogs (or smart vs. dumb dogs)

Before I begin I want to make it clear that I love all dogs. Whether they’re big or small, obedient or less than impeccably trained, I love them. So don’t get upset and think I’m picking on your dog. I’d offer to steal your dog if I met him/her. I love dogs! But decades of training dogs, although I haven’t done it as much in the last ten years or so, made me aware of how little people know about the dogs they own and even less about dogs they think they want to own.

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