Pineapple Ginger Rice

Rice is a great side dish for so many meals but plain white rice is boring! The terrific thing about rice is it can get all gussied up and fit right in with darned near anything! When I make Asian dishes or if I’m making something that has that tropical vibe I make my Pineapple Ginger Rice.

Pineapple Ginger Rice turns meals into a tropical getaway!

Pineapple Ginger Rice

Keep Rice from Getting Sticky

There are certain recipes that you may want sticky rice. Asian fare usually demands it. If you’re eating with chopsticks (or should be) you need to have nice, sticky rice. But there are times that having rice turn out sticky is the last thing you want! I’ve struggled with ending up with sticky, clumped up rice all my adult life. Yeah, it’s not the biggest problem in the world but it can be really frustrating! But happy days are here! I’ve learned the trick to keep rice from getting sticky!

Keep rice from getting sticky

Keep Rice from Getting Sticky



Yellow Rice with Cardamom

As a kid I was always delighted when Daddy took us to Greektown in Detroit. All those fragrant dishes that tasted so wonderful and seemed so exotic captivated me. And one of the ones that, for some reason, really intrigued me was the yellow rice they served, usually with tomato sauce. I decided to try my own version of yellow rice with cardamom.

Yellow Rice with Cardamom

Yellow Rice with Cardamom

Weevils the Evil in Your Pantry

You decide to bake something one day and open the bag of flour and there are little brown things moving around in the flour. These are weevils the evil in your pantry. Yikes! What the heck have you done wrong that you’ve got a seemingly alien life form munching on your flour?



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