Keller Whole Roast Chicken

My very dear friend, Peg is coming for dinner and I’m going to serve chicken. That may seem like a kind of cheap and commonplace dinner to serve to a close friend but I’m making this chicken in a way I know Peg will love. I usually call Peg my Guinea Peg because I like to try out recipes on that poor woman but I’ve already tested this recipe and all I can say is I have no problem serving it to people I care about! It’s simple but very tasty and since it’s the recipe of a world famous chef I call it Keller Whole Roasted Chicken.

Only 3 ingredients needed to make Keller Whole Roast Chicken!

Keller Whole Roast Chicken

Roasted Balsamic Cranberry Chicken Thighs

Chicken thighs, oh chicken thighs! We love those juicy little thighs and I serve them frequently but, like anything you make a lot they can start to seem like the same old thing. I’m not going to stop making chicken thighs. They’re delicious and inexpensive. But I don’t have to make them in the same old ways. I saw a picture on Pinterest that intrigued me so tonight it’s Roasted Balsamic Cranberry Chicken Thighs.

Roasted Balsamic Cranberry Chicken Thighs

Roasted Balsamic Cranberry Chicken Thighs


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