Is a Service Dog Right for You?

For people with disabilities a service dog can mean the difference between dependence and restrictions and freedom. These remarkable dogs can perform an almost endless list of tasks to assist their partners. Because of the service dogs I’ve had over the past 16+ years I’ve been able to be active and enjoy many of the things I had been unable to do after my spinal cord injury. So is a service dog right for you?

Is a Service Dog Right for You?

Is a Service Dog Right for You?



I meant this post to be about Service Dogs and what they can do for those of us who are disabled. The number of different types of Service Dogs that exist and they amazing work they do for us is information that everyone with a disability should know. But, as I started going through photographs of my previous Service Dog, I got really emotional. There’s little that brings me to tears but seeing those pictures had me crying. It was a bittersweet experience. So, this post is all about my incredible Service Dog, Houston.

My Service Dog, Houston

Please read about Houston here

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