Aunt Millie’s Hungarian Goulash

My parents had a very close group of friends and I grew up thinking they were relatives. It was Aunt Penny & Uncle Reggie, Aunt Wanda & Uncle Bill, Aunt Millie & Uncle Dave… I was shocked to learn that they weren’t actually aunts and uncles. But they were loved as much as any blood relative and they taught me so much. One thing I learned was how to make Aunt Millie’s Hungarian Goulash!

Aunt Millie’s Hungarian Goulash

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Beef Stew

Our weird winter weather continued last week with temperatures above normal. Then came the power outage and by Saturday morning the lows were ridiculously low. I’d refused to come out from beneath the blankets while we had no electricity and, therefore, no heat but once the power returned I was really craving a good homemade meal. And, since it was seasonally cold (freezing) it was the perfect night for beef stew!

Beef stew is the perfect cold weather meal!

Beef Stew

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