The Valiant Blogger Award

Earlier I posted the link to this award and now I’m accepting. It really belongs to my courageous husband!

Liz of Daily Warriors created this award and invited me to accept. I’ve never thought of myself as valiant but I suppose, no matter what our personal struggles are, when we overcome them or even learn how to accept them, we are all valiant. I’m honored that Liz thought I worthy of this amazing award! And if you haven’t checked out Daily Warriors yet, you really should. It’s for everyone who faces struggles from serious illness to clutter around the home. Hey! I qualify in at least two (or 200) categories!

The Valiant Blogger Award

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Great Speaker You Must See!

I just read a post on The Enchanted Outlook which was wonderful. In addition to the great post Stacey directed her readers to a hilarious, insightful, and helpful video. You really need to read the post and watch the video!

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