Custard Bathed Berries

One of the best things about summer is the fruit. I love eating fruit from my garden, the trees, and the bushes. But when I want fruit served in a decadent fashion I make Custard Bathed Berries. One of Pete’s friends calls it “Sex in Tupperware.” Kids.

Custard Bathed Berries

Custard Bathed Berries

Why I won’t accept my illness, but I’ll accept the battle

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I was once asked what I’ve learned from living with an incurable disease. I didn’t reallyhave a determinate answer, but I did say having chronic illness has given me adeeper compassion, one I can’t quiteexplain. Being a young woman in her mid-20s, most people think I’m in perfecthealth.However, on the outside, I look nothing like what my body has really felt like for the past three years.

Swelling, joint pain, raw stiffness, throbbing muscles, needle-burning pain and fatigue were just some of the things my body woke to one September morning in Colorado. My body was not my own; everything from my knees, shoulders, hips and hands were all in pain. I limped to my bathroom to brush my teeth, but my hand couldn’t hold the toothbrush.

I did the best I could that morning despite theoverwhelming confusion and drove to work…

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Hasselback Mexi-ranch Chicken

Lately I’ve seen a lot of recipes for Hasselback potatoes around the Internet. They intrigued me, not because the ingredients are so unusual but because of the way the potatoes are sliced. I struggle with presentation and those potatoes look really cool. But I didn’t want to do potatoes. I wanted to start with something different. So I came up with Hasselback Mexi-ranch Chicken!

Hasselback Mexi-ranch Chicken

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Gardening in the Heat

Yesterday the actual temperature reached 90 degrees and the humidity was typical for a Michigan summer day. In other words, it felt like I’d been hit in the face with a hot, wet cloth when I stepped outside. A sensible person would have gone immediately back into the air conditioned house. But I’m me so I decided to do a little gardening in the heat.

Gardening in the heat

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Keeping Busy

For the last week I’ve been struggling with an impressive increase in pain in my spine and leg. This has made it hard to do all the things I need to do. I decided to take it easy in the kitchen but I have definitely been keeping busy.

Keeping busy

Keeping Busy

BLT Chicken Cordon Bleu

Recently I made my Simple Woman’s Chicken Cordon Bleu. This seems to have made Mr. Comfortable start thinking and he requested I come up with a BLT version of the dish. I’m not going to tell him but creating BLT Chicken Cordon Bleu was an easy task!

BLT Chicken Cordon Bleu

BLT Chicken Cordon Bleu

Ask Your Doctor About

I’d love to be able to skip commercials when I watch TV but we only have an antenna so there’s no way to record and zoom past the darned things. In the middle of a sleepless night I realized there had been 4 ads for various prescription drugs in just over an hour. Two things struck me about these commercials. They all have hideous side effects and every one of them tells us to “Ask your doctor about…”

Ask your doctor about

Ask Your Doctor About…